Basic knowledge of brakes:

1. The brakes control the speed, not just parking.

2. The front brake has better braking effect.

3. The brake has the greatest braking effect when it is locked, and the braking performance is greatly reduced after being locked and it easily loses its balance.

Many newbies prefer to use rear brakes and use less of the front brakes because they worry about using the front brakes to turn them around. In fact, the front brake is safer in many situations. Learning to use the front brake can be learned quickly.

Why do we mainly use front brakes?

1, the front brake will have a better braking effect. The control speed mainly depends on the friction between the wheel and the road surface. The friction force is proportional to the size of the wheel pressure applied to the road surface. When the front brake is used, the front wheel and the road surface pressure are strengthened and the braking effect is increased because of inertia. The use of rear brakes has no such effect, and when the front brake is used, the pressure on the road surface of the rear wheels is greatly reduced and the friction becomes very small.

2. When driving downhill, only the front brakes have enough braking force, because most of the weight of the vehicle and the human body are on the front wheels, and the front wheels and road friction increase. The rear wheels have very little pressure on the road surface, and the braking effect of the friction becomes smaller, and the rear brakes with a small braking force will lock and slide.

Brake use practice:

1. The brake handle of a typical mountain bike is a two-finger brake lever. When riding, put the index finger and middle finger on top of it. If there is an emergency, you can brake immediately. There are also a lot of riders leaving their index fingers for shifting speeds. They use only the middle finger to control the brakes so that they can shift gears and brakes at the same time.

2. We must first learn how to control the braking force, and gradually become familiar with how much more force can be used to achieve the braking force. In order to control the braking effect and prevent locking, you can become familiar with the relationship between the braking force and the braking effect. Use the front brakes with confidence.

3, can master the front brake technology by practicing fast parking, pay attention to changes in the body's center of gravity when braking and control.

Use the front brakes should pay attention to things:

1. When the vehicle is in emergency stop, the body should move backwards and forwards with the brakes, so that it can prevent the rear-wheel inertia caused by the inertia of the brakes and even the person flying out.

2. When the front wheels are turning, the front brakes should not be used. If you are skilled, you can use the front brakes appropriately.

3. When there is an obstacle in front, try to avoid using the front brake.

Usually, the brakes after riding are mainly auxiliary functions. After the brakes are used, the rear brakes will have a better use effect.

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