In addition to the charming electric eyes, the lips are also very attractive, a sexy and beautiful lips will often bring extraordinary effects! The ideal lip is that the lower lip is thicker than the upper lip. But the average person's lips are not so standard. Women often worry because their lips are too thick, too big or too small or the upper and lower lips are asymmetrical. Here are some very simple and feasible ways to change your lips. .

Perfect lip shape

Perfect lip shape

Thick lip modification

Too thick lips make people look unattractive, and the well-proportioned may be called sexy "Angelina? Julie." However, some people have too thick upper lip, and some people have too thick lower lip or too thick upper and lower lips, which naturally needs to be compensated by makeup.

Modification method:

Step1 Use a foundation with the same skin tone to apply a thin foundation to your lips.

Step2 Apply the lipstick parallel to the inside of the lip line. Use a natural color that is almost lip-colored, such as brown or light brown. Bright lipstick should not be used.

Step3 Lip Gloss balances the dry feel of the base makeup and adds anger to the lips.

Thin lip modification

Thin lips make people feel uncomfortable and easy-going, lacking the plump, rounded curves of women.

Modification method:

Step1 When applying foundation, use foundation to blur your lip line.

Step2 Use a lip liner with the same color as the lipstick to draw the lip line slightly along the lip shape. The lines should be soft and full. The wide line of the wheel can be slightly expanded, mainly to expand the lower lip line, and the lower lip should be slightly thicker than the upper lip color.

Step3 Use a lip brush to apply lipstick or lipstick.

Step4 Use a bright pearlescent lip gloss to open at the center of the upper and lower lips. Be careful not to fill it, mainly to create a high light in the center of the lips, making the lips look full.

The lips are light, and the thin lips are so full!

Asymmetrical lip modification

Some people have inconsistent lip peaks on the upper and lower lip, and the lip line will look very irregular.

Modification method:

The modification of the lip shape can be determined according to the proportion of other facial features of the face. If the proportion of facial features is large, the proportion of the big lip line can be drawn to maintain the balance of the lips; if the proportion of facial features is small, the inner lip line can be drawn. Balance the proportion of the lips.

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