Microbiology section

Microbiology section

MI001 Rhizopus smears MI002 Yeast smears MI003 Penicillium smears MI004 Aspergillus smears MI005 Bacteria type 3 smears MI006 Staphylococcus smears MI007 Streptococcus suis smears MI008 Human oral bacteria smears MI009 E. coli smears MI010 Mushroom Bacillus sme

Fixed splint

Fixed splint

Chest and back fixed splint adopts the design of the fixed splint around the back to make it fix the patient, suitable for patients with rib injuries. There are three colors of straps on the splint, which can be fastened quickly. They are equipped with nylon buckles an

Vacuum stretcher

Technical characteristics of vacuum stretcher:
Using high-quality and durable nylon cloth. The stretcher is shaped according to human body shape and can be used for radiographic X-rays. The ambulance personnel can use the air pump to adjust the softness and hardness of the stretcher ac

4 common double offset printing faults

Starting from the characteristics of various parameters in the printing process, understand the faults that are easy to occur in the printing of double offset paper, and give solutions, and provide references.

1. Printing pressure is too low

The printing process is a proces

Notes on Chinese medicine grinder

Matters needing attention in Chinese medicine grinder:

1. Check whether there are foreign objects in the crushing chamber (must be empty before starting), and connect the power supply.

2. Tighten the butterfly nut on the upper cover and crushing cavity.

3. Start t

KDS100 single channel micro syringe pump

KDS100 single channel micro syringe pump

The most economical single-channel syringe pump with precise control of flow and flow rate, simple to use, durable. From the Google academic search, you can easily find tens of thousands of research and application documents using KD SCIENTI

Principle of constant temperature bath

The temperature control of the thermostat consists of the following parts:

Heating part: heating the thermostatic bath with an electric heating tube. Temperature measuring part: Generally, industrial platinum thermal resistance is used as the temperature measuring element, and the