Demystifying the source of creative makeup

Maybe you know a lot about make-up or make-up products, but do you know the source of these creative make-ups? Where do their ideas come from? Do you know when the nails started? Do you know what perfume is created for? I have collected a lot of information before, and now I will reveal it for ever-----!

Dior Dior Mascara Historical Cosmetics Monument

From New Look to Diorshow series, eyes always play an invaluable role in the build "Dior Lady Dior impossible to resist the charm", Dior Dior mascara eyes still following is given a unique style and highlights designed to improve Their depth and mystery. The following is a historical revi-----!

Simple and quick to create a perfect lip shape

In addition to the charming electric eyes, the lips are also very attractive, a sexy and beautiful lips will often bring extraordinary effects! The ideal lip is that the lower lip is thicker than the upper lip. But the average person's lips are not so standard. Women often worry because their l-----!

Unbeatable glamorous female star

They are all generations of beautiful women, they all create their own beautiful legends and myths. Although they are all old, their beautiful myths remain the same! Zhong Chuhong Zhong Chuhong - the goddess of "peacock" in the eyes of Jackie Chan Honggu and her former husband have had-----!

Master the makeup remover to eliminate dull skin

Eliminate dull skin One: About dumb Red dullness: People with sensitive skin appear red dull, especially when the season changes, so be sure to pay attention when making makeup. Features: Dim red around the eyes, stinging when applying lotion, eye problems are easy to have. The emergency solu-----!

DHC Platinum Multi-Lotus Make-up

The highly acclaimed DHC Platinum Multi-Purpose Lotion is launched in large bottles for daily full water care! The world's first addition of platinum and silver double nano-colloids, ultra-micronized nano-components penetrate into the stratum corneum to absorb moisture, repel the annoying free -----!