Business card UV offset printing ink

Product Description: This series of inks was awarded the Best Material Invention Award by the International Association of Card Producers in 1999. It is a UV-curable offset printing ink dedicated to plastic thermal compounding. It is made of a new type of strong connecting material and advanced co-----!

PP copolymers for reusable container trays

Phillips Sumika Polypropylene offers a new type of polypropylene (PP) copolymer: the Marlex ALN-070, for reusable containers, trays, trays, etc., which provides the toughness and rigidity needed for these products. Due to the addition of Milliken Chemical's HPN-68C nucleating agent, the resin -----!

Future development of green packaging printing

I am very pleased to attend the “2004 Gravure Printing Summit Forum” held in Beijing by the Indogravure Printing Subcommittee of the China Press Association. I was invited by the conference to give a special speech on packaging printing and environmental protection. Packaging and print-----!

Focused Inkjet Printing Technology (I)

(I. Introduction The annual “Advertising 4 New Exhibition” held on May 9, 2006 was held at the Beijing International Exhibition Center as scheduled. In the same period, the Ink Jet Printing Branch of the China Printing and Equipment Industry Association and the First Member Congress w-----!