Door and window feng shui makes you prosperous

The door, called the mouth, is the only place where the whole family will be eager to promote the house every day, which has a great impact. According to Yi Feng Jiugong's home feng shui, the gate is located in the middle of the nine palaces, the family members represented by the position, the -----!

Mooncake Tea Package

Fusion Mooncake Tea Packaging Moon cake tea is an innovative product launched by the tea company in recent years to open the Mid-Autumn Festival consumer market. It uses Pu-erh tea as the shape of moon cakes, and is intended to be a reunion. The packaging was designed by the Beijing branch of Sha-----!

Understand the regularity of wrinkles

There are many forms of wrinkles, and the reasons for their formation are not the same. Let's analyze them one by one in the order in which they are usually present (for example, around the eye that is most prone to wrinkles). 1, dry lines Use your finger to push it upside down under your eye-----!

Qianjinteng Quality Inspection Report

[Name] Chicorylide [Alias] Chicorythine; Chicorythine; Chicorydine [English name] Cepharanthine [Molecular formula] C37H38N5O6 [Molecular weight] 606.71 [CAS number] 481-49-2 [Test method] High efficiency Liquid chromatography HPLC≥98% [Specification] 20mg 50mg 100mg 500mg 1g (can be packaged -----!

Laboratory pure water machine

Purchasing a laboratory pure water machine We do experiments every day. The most exposed reagent is water. It usually runs through our entire experiment. Perhaps it is precisely because of the universality and availability of water that we often overlook its impact on the experimental results. Prope-----!