Soft proofing

Soft proofing

Soft proofing concept

Soft proofing is also called soft proofing on the screen. It is a proofing method that simulates the effect of printing on the screen. Soft proofing uses the appropriate conversion tables for

Esko's WebCenter

As a technology-leading packaging and printing supply chain exchange platform, Eskotec's WebCenter main technical innovation content is: based on the network, in particular to meet the packaging and printing supply chain communication platform; multi-partic

Built-in straw beverage bottle

Patent Name Inside Straw Beverage Bottle Patent Applicant Strong Xiaoyan Principal Applicant Address 717300 Yanchang County, Shaanxi Province Coal Industry Distribution Company Hu Hongxia Transfer Inventor Qiang Xiaoyan Application (Patent) No. 200420041582.X Appl

20% reduction in MEC label

German company Han Heng introduced a metal effect of the wine label, the ink printing the label has a metallic effect. When printing labels, if the printing area of ​​gold and silver ink on coated paper does not exceed 30%, the cost will be relati

Stable tension control

Nexen's RSTC1000 tension controller is suitable for all types of web processing, paper, film, foil and fabric. The closed loop load cell tension controller controls the brake, clutch, and DC/AC drive torque output using an adaptive control algorithm.