Narrow web offset (on)

Offset printing provides another printing effect for manufacturers and their customers to evaluate and select. This process differs from flexo printing in that print quality is often useful in an image-oriented industry.

Offset printing and flexo printi

Talk about print gloss

The appearance of a product is the result of a complex interaction between the light and the object, the optical properties of the object, and the perception of the person. The appearance is one of the most important business attributes of the product. Printed

Zebra's new mobile printer MZ220

Zebra Technologies (Zebra Technologies) took the lead in launching the new portable mobile printer Zebra Elf “MZ220” in China on November 21. Compared with other similar products, the distinctive MZ220 has a stylish and elegant design and competitiv

Cold plastic laminate

Patent Type: Invention Patent
Inventors: H.-R. Negri; E. Pasglig
Applicant: Alcan Technology & Management Co., Ltd.
Main applicant address: Neuhausen, Switzerland
Application number: 200480017129.8
Application Date: 2004.06.03

Wine box packaging printing process

In the modern society, people are increasingly pursuing beauty, so the production of exquisite and elegantly shaped wine boxes is very popular among people. However, in actual production, from the design, plate making, printing, post-press processing, to the finis