Chanel crystal bright lip gloss evaluation

In 2009, Chanel Phillips Global Makeup Creative Director Peter Phillips selected multiple color pearl particles to perfectly replicate the various levels of light, inspired by the meteor shower, and turned it into eight new lip colors. And two iridescent na

Problems Caused by Drying of Printed Products

After the color is not printed or false. In the case of the printed light-colored full-color version, the post-color printing may not be printed or may be false. This may be due to excessive dry oil addition or over-provisioning or semi-finished product stacking t

The cultural connotation of oak

In Europe and America, eucalyptus (oak) is considered a mysterious tree. Legend has it that the governors of this tall and stout tree are the Greek god Zeus, the Roman god Cupid, and the Kitchen God Vista. Legend has it that in the mountain forest in the Temple of Zeus

Digital Print Production Cycle Standard

Print production cycle:

The delivery time depends on the requirements of the order. The production cycle is usually 1-7 working days, usually within 4 working days. The more complex the processing process (eg laminating, binding, die-cutting, UV, bronzing