Recently, the price of paper has rebounded.

Recently, paper prices have been relatively stable, and the price of wood pulp and waste paper has rebounded, supporting the price of paper.

Copper paper: low-level operation (such as: Dongfan 5500-5600 yuan / ton).

Double-adhesive paper: the price is stable (such as: UPM pric

Glass reagent bottle quality problems explosion

At 11:10 pm on May 27, Jiang, a doctoral student at the Department of Chemistry of Fudan University, was injured in the glassware of the explosion in the laboratory. After being sent to the hospital for treatment, Jiang was not at risk.

It is understood that the injured are reading the sec

Ying·moving--style furniture

After the 80s has reached the age of marriage, this group has its own unique ideas in choosing home furnishing. As far as furniture is concerned, they are superior and fashionable. They want furniture to be noble and