Nanmu, in accordance with the national standard GB/T16734-1997 "China's main wood name" clearly stipulated, Phoebe Neuraceae Pourbeia Lauraceae Phoebe Nees (Chen Chen "Chinese tree taxonomy" classified as Yanan; "Chinese Flora "The tree species of the genus Nan (wood)). There are about 34 species of Phoebe bournei in China, which are distributed in the south of the Yangtze River basin, especially in the southwest. Among them, Phoebe bournei, which is produced in Chengdu Plain, is the most famous, but it is often difficult to distinguish it from other Phoebe species in wood characteristics. In the "Chinese Tree Taxonomy" of Chen Yu, the saying "Zin Nan" in Zi Nan has been used. Recently, there have been reports on wood science that "Jinnan" refers to Phoebe bournei in the genus Phoebe, but it has not yet developed a strict "Jinnan" through the comparative study of ancient and modern materials like the "Redwood" national standard. "The identification criteria for wood. Phoebe sheareri, a genus of the genus Litchi, and Chen Yu’s "Chinese Tree Taxonomy" said that Nanjing is known as "Jin Si Nan". According to the county records: it was grown in Nanjing Zhongshan (where the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum is located), and later in the Ming Dynasty. More than this wooden building palace and the palace of the princes, it is extinct. Purple nan is a small tree or sometimes a large tree, which grows slowly, up to 20m in height and up to 1m in breast diameter. The roots and leaves can be extracted from aromatic oil, and the seeds can be oiled. Distributed in East China, Central South and Southwest China. In the 1960s, the botanical community isolated a new tree species from Phoebe bournei, Zhejiang Phoebe chekiangensis, Zhejiang Nan distribution window, limited to Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, and parts of Fujian, growing faster than Zinan. Zhejiang Nan is an evergreen tree with a height of about 20m and a breast diameter of 0.5m. The wood is fine and the texture is staggered. The longitudinal section is smooth and beautiful, and it is resistant to corrosion and wear. It is a national level three tree species.

The king of wood is a hardwood with dark purple and black color. Ideal for making furniture and carving art. The utensils made of red sandalwood are waxed and polished without the need for paint oil, and the surface has a satin-like luster. Therefore, some people say that anything made with red sandalwood is cherished by people.

Red sandalwood is a tropical plant that grows in Southeast Asia. This species is very rare. A hundred years can not be used, a rosewood can only be used after a few hundred years of growth. And the ten sandal nine empty, between the hollow and the epidermis, that place, that meat can be used. Therefore, since ancient times, there has been a saying of inch sandalwood. Europeans and Americans have not seen the sandalwood material at first, so they think that the red sandalwood has no big material, and the red sandalwood can only do some small objects. Legend has it that the five-inch long rosewood eucalyptus model in front of Napoleon’s tomb surprised the visitors and thought it was rare.


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