Curved wood furniture uses the elastic principle of wood to make it easy to bend into a shape after steam treatment. In this way, instead of some 榫 joints, wood is saved. However, the wood used to make curved wood furniture has a high selection standard and technical equipment requirements are comprehensive.

The wooden parts of curved wood furniture can be bent into almost any angle, so it is also called "curved wood furniture". In addition to the use of natural materials, curved wood furniture, thin plate laminate bending, new materials and new processes such as compression molding are also widely used.

In terms of style, the beautiful arc of curved wood furniture is unmatched by other furniture.

The curved wood furniture originated in Northern Europe and entered the Chinese market in the mid-1990s. Compared with traditional and traditional furniture, the curved wood furniture is characterized by its unique bending curvature. Due to the full consideration of the curve of the human body during the manufacturing process, the fatigue of the user due to long-term lying can be alleviated. To make the human body feel more comfortable. This kind of furniture reflects the aesthetic concept of modern people, and its practicality and decoration are also strong.

The current curved wood furniture mostly uses birch and ash as raw materials. Usually, the birch with higher strength and lower price is used as the inner layer, and the beautiful ash is used as the outer layer. There are also a few furniture factories that use imported beech. As the main material.

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