Many families have laid wooden floors, and it is inevitable to wax the floor. However, the general procedure of waxing needs to be polished with a polishing machine. The polishing machine is not a general household equipment. How to DIY waxing and polishing? ?

1. First boil the white wax and kerosene in a weight ratio of 1:4, mix in a proper amount of pine perfume and fish oil, then wrap it in the cloth, wipe it repeatedly on the surface of the floor, then wipe it with a rag of old cloth, after a few hours. Polish the floor wax surface with a fine canvas covered with wooden blocks.

2. Wipe the floor clean. After drying, apply the dry cloth to dissolve the wax oil on the ground, but not too thick. After each 3 square meters, wipe it with a clean cloth, so that it will be glossy. .

Floor waxing and polishing is a technical activity. If you don't want to experience a DIY feeling by chance, it is better to ask a professional company to handle it.

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