Talk about newspaper printing ink

1 Newspaper Printing Ink and Environment Correspondence

In 1997, according to the review of the Ecolabelling Agency of the Japan Environment Association, the “Offset Printing Ink” was added as the eco-labeled product type No. 102. Since the

Talking about corrugated carton (2)

Familiar with the production operation of carton factory

As a carton factory customer, you'd better find out about their equipment and how Mingli can use its production flexibility. This can help you find a way to “throttle” and create c

The fastest robot in the world: ABB's IRB340

The main equipment introduced by ABB this time is the patented ABB FlexPicker robot IRB340. This robot is currently the fastest robot in the world and can handle up to 180 cycles/minute. The main technical advantages include:

● Suitable for high-s

Decorative material packaging ratio

I remember that there was a sketch called "So packed". It was through the so-called cultural stage art to see some phenomena in life. Nowadays, with the improvement of people's quality of life, the “packaging” effect has been paid more