On the Packaging of China's Tourist Goods (I)

Abstract: At present, China's tourism industry generally does not attach importance to the packaging of tourist goods. However, as we all know, the exquisiteness of tourism product packaging has a different appeal to tourists. Appropriate, appropriate and r

Easy to install and beautiful book cover

Easy to install and beautiful book cover, it is mainly used for the book cover and back cover of the packaging. The cover of the utility model is mainly made of a transparent film material, which can make the packaging of the book cover page and the back cover

Underwear: hot enchanting provokes desire

Underwear from the cover to the repair type, from the evolution of the shackles to the outer wear, grow into a sexy, stylish, beautiful supporters, franklydarling brand underwear is undoubtedly the same with coffee, wine, cigar, but also condensed the modern woman