Abstract: At present, China's tourism industry generally does not attach importance to the packaging of tourist goods. However, as we all know, the exquisiteness of tourism product packaging has a different appeal to tourists. Appropriate, appropriate and reasonable packaging of tourist goods can increase tourists' consumption. Based on the above problems, this article starts with the analysis of the concept of tourism commodities and meticulously categorizes the tourism products and clarifies their main characteristics. It puts forward that the tourism industry should pay attention to the packaging of tourism products. The packaging of tourism products should be in the packaging color, packaging pattern, The connotation of the packaging work hard.

Keywords: tourism commodities; packaging; cultural connotation

Tourism commodities are an important part of tourism industry. It forms the four pillars of tourism together with tourism attractions, tourism service facilities and tourism transportation. The development of tourism products not only reflects the role of promoting the economy, but also whether it can attract tourists as much as possible. Shopping is an important indicator of the degree of tourism development in a country. The proportion of tourism goods income in the total tourism revenue can often show the economic benefits of a country and an area. In countries and regions where the world's tourism industry is developed, the sales revenue of tourism products accounts for 40% to 50% of the total income from tourism, and some countries and regions have reached more than 50%. The proportion of China's tourism commodity revenue in the total tourism revenue has hovered around 20%. Strengthen the study of tourism commodities, continuously improve the level of packaging of tourism commodities, promote the development, production and sales of tourism products to a higher level. Shortening the gap with developed countries is an important issue facing the current tourism industry.

1 Concept of travel merchandise

Over the past 10 years, scholars at home and abroad have been able to understand the term “tourism commodities”, which can be described as benevolent and wise. The most common explanations are as follows:

1) Travel merchandise is a tangible commodity sold by tourists in tourist area stores. This type of commodity has functions such as commemoration, gifts, collections, practicality, and local or national characteristics.
2) The physical goods purchased by tourists when they are purchased for travel or during the travel tour are all called tourist goods.
3) Tourism commodities refer to items purchased by tourists in different places and used during the journey, gifts, and collections.
4) Tourist goods refer specifically to physical goods purchased by tourists during the tour.
5) Tourism commodities refer to the items purchased by tourists during travel, which have complete physical forms and characteristics of tourism destinations.

From the above point of view, the author has been inspired to believe that tourism products are those that are designed for tourists, purchased by tourists or bought during the tourism process, and have physical cultural connotations.

From this concept, we can see that tourism products do not necessarily have local characteristics, as long as they have the characteristics of tourism culture.

2 Classification of Tourist Products

1) According to the geographical specificity of tourism product production, it can be divided into two types of pervasive tourism products and exclusive tourism products. Exclusivity refers to the regional nature of the distribution of tourism resources, which leads to the production of tourism products concentrated in a specific area, but the sales destination may be spread in space. It is generally believed that ubiquitous tourism products are less attractive and have low purchasing power in the market, and they should focus on the development of proprietary tourism products.

2) According to the production process of tourism products, it can be divided into two categories: industrial products and handmade products. Industrial manufactured goods are suitable for large-scale mass production, but generally do not have the characteristics of a specific tourist market. Although hand-made products can well reflect ethnic cultural characteristics, but the output is not high, it should focus on the development of industrial products with regional characteristics.

3) According to the functional and aesthetic values ​​of tourism products, they can be divided into three categories: repulsive, mid-range, and high-grade. The commodity prices are divided into three categories. Low-end tourism products are simple to work with and rarely give people a feeling of beauty. High-end tourism products are a good reflection of the regional cultural connotation, precision production, and high value of craft aesthetics. Mid-range travel goods are somewhere in between. The domestic market is currently dominated by middle- and low-grade tourism products. With the increase in the level of tourist demand, the gentrification of tourism products is a major development trend.

4) According to the purpose of the purchase of tourists can be divided into gifts, collections, practical and multi-purpose tourism products. The former requires tourism products to be inexpensive, especially packaging.

5) According to the depletion of tourism products in use, it can be divided into consumptive tourism products and persistent tourism products. The former has significant physical losses in use. It should emphasize protective development and pursue sustainability. The latter emphasizes the spiritual use value, the physical loss is not obvious, has a high collection value and commemorative significance, requires distinctive features, exquisite workmanship.

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