Third, the relationship between the use of hot stamping materials and the quality of binding

When readers buy books, the first thing they see is the name of the stamping book. If the first impression is good, the buyer will have a good impression of the quality of the book, which reflects the importance of the quality of the appearance of the binding. Modern people have a new understanding of the requirements for the quality of appearance and decoration. The book is not only an object of reading and use, but also an ornament for people to enjoy, save, or give gifts as gifts. The precious books and magazines are processed with high-grade materials and become articles of preservation value. If the stamping materials are used improperly, the process design and the binding processing are not suitable, which will affect the effect and value of the book.

The hot stamping process is an important part of the binding process. Hot stamping is a complex and highly technical work. There are no more than a dozen hot stamping objects. The performance varies, and the hot stamping materials are numerous. It is very difficult for the varieties and the hot stamping of each batch of work to be very satisfactory. Therefore, in addition to selecting materials according to requirements, we must also pay attention to the correct processing when processing, in order to ensure the quality of the binding. Some of the hot stamping problems that currently appear are listed in 2-7. The phenomena of these problems are analyzed separately and solutions are proposed.

Table 2-7 Hot Stamping Faults and Troubleshooting Methods

Symptom Cause Solution Hot or hot stamping is not secure a. Light pressure or low temperature
b. The hot stamping material is not in conformity with the object being pressed
a. Increase pressure or increase temperature and time
b. Selection of hot stamping materials see Table 2-4, 5
After burnt dull, paste version is not clear Stamping temperature is too high, the pressure is too large to reduce the temperature, reduce the pressure of the same plate after the hot pressure range Graphic size Suspension beads, uneven pressure Graphic pressure on a large area, increase, Can be adjusted by the pad method to adjust the size of the area of ​​the pressure is not equal to the hot or peel off a. hot stamping material and the material is not in line with
b. Poor quality of hot stamping material
c. The temperature is too low and the pressure is too low
d. Helpless adhesive or excessive dusting during printing
a. Hot stamping material selection table see 2-4, 5
b. Temporarily switch to check the quality
c. Readjust the temperature and pressure
d. Use adhesion aids to remove the same material used for printing and dusting. Good or bad during normal hot stamping. a. Material quality is unstable
b. abnormal temperature or pressure
a. Check the quality of materials, temporarily switch to use and record
b. Check the temperature, time, pressure, and adjust the hot lines. The image is not clear. a.
b. Pressure is too light
a. Bumpy pattern fabric should not be hot stamping thin line pattern
b. Increase the pressure and temperature to make up for the bottom of hot stamping a.
b. Low pressure and low temperature
a. Increase pressure
b. Increase the temperature by 5°C
After the burn, the edges and corners are not noticeable. The edges of the hot stamping or hot stamping are not prominent.
a. Check whether the graphic image is qualified before ironing and not appropriate
b. Write the edges and corners on the lower plate, and then insert it into the lower plate. After the hot stamping, there will be no embossing on the plate. The upper plate will not have the convex or convex pad. The plate will be covered with the same concave plate. , And should be smooth and smooth. Suitable hot foils or metal foils are not bonded or not bonded firmly. a.
b. Temperature or pressure must not be
a. Fabric cover should be added to help stick powder, smooth no hole or less hole cover plus mucus
b. Stamping temperature is shown in Table 2-6

Author: Wang Huai Pearl Source: "fine, paperback processes and materials."

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