Furniture online sales model is maturing

Under the market economy, enterprises have always attached importance to the construction and maintenance of channels. The “channel is the era of the king” is the game rule that all enterprises have to abide by. In the field of commercial circulation, e-commerce has become the t

Caramel smoky makeup exudes exoticism

Recently, brown caramel smoky makeup is popular, and brown beauty products are also popular. The seemingly calm brown color can also change the style according to the depth and the painting method, absolutely let you fall in love with caram

Hydrophilic lyophilic material selection

The graphic and blank parts of the lithographic printing are almost on the same plane, but the two parts have completely opposite properties for the intimate relationship between water and oil. The graphic part is lipophilic and hydrophobic, while the blank part i

Xiao Bian: Tips for purchasing green furniture

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