Three-dimensional printing materials

(1) Grating material.

There are mainly hard plastic stereo gratings. The polystyrene raw material is processed by injection molding to form a concave-convex cylindrical mirror grating. Polystyrene is colorless and transparent (transparency is 88% -92%), refractive index is 1.59-1.6

How to choose the correct output angle

How to choose the correct output angle?

A: In order to avoid hitting the net, in theory, there should be a difference of 22.5 degrees between the colors, but practice has proved that the four angles of 15 degrees, 45 degrees, 75 degrees and 90 degrees are very effective. The yellow

Explorer professional analytical balance

OHAUS solemnly introduces a smart and intuitive new professional balance of Explorer-excellent performance, beyond imagination!
Ohaus Explorer Balance has a convenient graphical interface software SmarTextTM 2.0, and is equipped with an anti-static coated glass windshield, which improv

Process for making frosted glass

Frosted refers to the glass color glaze powder adhered to a certain size area on the glass of the product. After baking at a high temperature of 580 ~ 600 ℃, the glass color glaze coating melts on the glass surface and shows a different color from the glass body. A decorative method.

Instructions for Shigella Elisa Kit

Shigella Elisa Kit Instructions This kit is for research use only.
purpose of usage:
This kit is used to determine the expression of Shigella in human serum, plasma and related liquid samples.
Experimental principle of human Shigella (Shigella) Elisa kit instructions

How to separate colors in Photoshop

What is color separation? Is color separation so important? How to separate colors in Photoshop?

Answer: Color separation is a printing term. It refers to the decomposition of various colors on the manuscript into four primary colors of yellow, magenta, cyan, and black; in computer