Process flow:

Confirm the original → plate-making photography (including color separation) → development → fixing → washing → drying → plate revision → photographic screening → plate revision → sun screen printing plate.

When making a monochromatic plate, according to the phase process, a photo positive film is produced, which can be used for printing screen printing plates.

When making color manuscript negatives, you can follow the phase program to shoot the screening phase plate, or contact copy screening. It can then be used to produce screen printing plates.

The specific contents of some items in the above process flow are as follows:

Confirm manuscripts—that is, organize the manuscripts to be copied, calculate the specification ratio, and determine the rule line.

Plate-making photography—When photographing color separations of multi-color manuscripts with photographic equipment, color separations are taken for photography.

Development-The film after shooting is put into the developer for development. After the photosensitive film is exposed to light, the silver halide of the emulsion layer is converted into a latent image by photochemical action. After the chemical treatment of the developer, the latent image becomes a visible clear image.

Fixing-In order to keep the image visible for a long time after the photosensitive film is developed, it needs to undergo fixing chemistry and management. The principle is to remove the unexposed residual silver halide on the photosensitive film to fix the image.

Water washing-water washing can be divided into intermediate water washing and final water washing, which are two small links in the photo-engraving process and two procedures that cannot be ignored. Intermediate water washing is carried out between development and fixing, which can stop the development and protect the fixing solution. The final water wash is to rinse off the fixer and other impurities. The water used in this kind of water washing is clean and not flowing, and the temperature of this water is required to be 16-24 ° C.

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