The texture is fine and easy to push, and there will be no creases in the eyelids. Try different color combinations to create a variety of different makeup effects. Choose the adjacent color to use, the makeup effect is more perfect. Monochrome can be used to create a natural finish, two colors can be contrasted to achieve a contrasting effect, or more than three colors to achieve a refined finish.

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I use #93~~~ matte gray ~ bright pink ~ ~ white ~ and black four colors ~ ~ At least CHANEL eye shadow is the most satisfying eye shadow I use ~ ~ some brands Eyeliner will also faint ~~ But this eye shadow will not smudge ~~ This eye shadow is the first CHANEL thing I bought ~~~ My box is very suitable for smoky makeup~~ The effect is amazing~~ No matter how it is matched, it’s very good~~ Someone used to say ~~ want to be noble~ Then you have to have a CHANEL thing~~ It’s really like this~~ and after this eye shadow is finished~ ~ It won't be dirty at all~ This is great! Time is present~~ can be kept very good~~The effect is very OK~ If there is no~~ I can really consider buying a box

This category is for Bronzer Brushes. There are some different types of Bronzer Brush with different shapes of Makeup Brush head. The Large Fan Brush features fluffy brush head perfect for soft application of powder products and for a light dust of shimmer onto the skin. The Domed Bronzer Brush has a rounded and dense brush head which is perfect to provide a smooth, one-sweep application of bronzer and to create a natural-looking, sun-kissed glow.

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