Trekking poles can bring many benefits to outdoor climbing activities, such as improving the stability of walking and reducing the burden on the legs. According to research, trekking poles used when walking can reduce at least 22% of muscles and joints such as the legs and knees. Strength makes legs feel more comfortable! Using two trekking poles at the same time can provide better balance. Also don't forget to find the trunk. It can also be used to construct a canopy with waterproof cloth.

Learn about trekking pole structure

At present, climbing trekking activities generally use three sections of adjustable trekking poles, with aluminum/titanium alloy struts, carbon tungsten steel tips, hand-grip pads designed according to the palm of the hand, snow rings that can be quickly disassembled, and advanced trekking poles. With a shock absorber system to ease the burden on the arm! The following is a brief introduction of each part.

Handle: Usually made of rubber, cork, plastic and foam, etc. In general, the grip of the former two materials is more comfortable, but the price is more expensive. Some of the trekking pole handles are 15 degrees to the poles. This is derived from the ski pole design. It is easier to withstand the drag on a downhill slope, but it is not easy to walk uphill or on the ground. To withstand the ground, you must be very skilled in using the skills of alpenstocks; therefore, it is not suitable for beginners or walking on flat ground.

Wristband: This is the most important part to consider when purchasing a trekking pole. Because the trekking pole and the user's physical strength are transmitted through the wristband, the durability, softness, comfort and width of the wristband material should be considered. Should be able to adjust the length of the strap to facilitate the activities of the wrist, it is best to choose a wrist strap without a buckle; if you attach a buckle, you must try on it to make sure that it will not affect the wrist or the palm of your hand.

Strut: The material of the strut is usually steel, aluminum alloy and titanium alloy; the weight of the titanium alloy is the lightest, followed by the aluminum alloy, the lighter the weight, the more expensive the price.

Suspension System: The suspension system is equipped with a spring inside the trekking pole, which can cushion the impact force as required. The price is more expensive than the trekking pole without a suspension system; there is also a trekking pole that can turn off the suspension system, which is more expensive . But is there a shock absorber system that is not very good? Why do you want to turn it off?

According to the correct way of use, use the trekking pole to push back when climbing uphill, and use the trekking pole and leg to take down the impact force at the same time when downhill. At this time, the shock absorber system is needed to mitigate the impact force; The earthquake system will reduce the backward thrust, that is, it needs more thrust to achieve the same effect as the general trekking pole. At this time, the suspension system becomes an unnecessary device.

Skiing: Skiing can prevent trekking poles from getting trapped in the mud. However, there are thorny shrubs in the climbing environment. The ski loops will hinder the convenience of the action. Therefore, it should be noted that the skis should be quickly disassembled so as not to cause any problems. .

Rod Tip: The material is rubber head, iron, carbon tungsten, etc. Carbon tungsten steel is the hardest, the price is the most expensive, the rubber head is the cheapest, but it can not cope with the rugged outdoor terrain, and the wear resistance is not as good as carbon tungsten steel. head.

Adjust the length of the trekking pole

To adjust the length, first loosen the trekking pole and hold the trekking pole standing on the plane to adjust its length. There are scales on the rod for reference. The arm hangs down naturally, with the elbow as the fulcrum, lift the forearm to 90 degrees with the upper arm, and then adjust the tip of the trekking pole downwards to touch the ground; or place the top of the trekking pole at 5-8 cm under the arm, and then The tip of the wand is adjusted downward until it touches the ground; finally, the pole of the trekking pole is fully locked. The adjustment should not exceed the maximum adjustment length shown on the trekking pole.

The toughest condition of the three-section adjustable trekking pole is when the length of the three poles is equivalent. Therefore, do not use only one of the poles instead of the other, or exceed the warning scale of the pole. This will cause the trekking pole to bend easily and become unusable! The best way to use it is to adjust the length of the other two extendable struts to the same length. This will ensure the support strength of the trekking poles and also increase the lifespan of the trekking poles.

Correct use of wristband

Most people use a trekking pole to hold the handle tightly, thinking that the effect of the wristband is just to make the trekking pole not leave one's wrist. If you think so, you are wrong.

The impact of the trekking poles on a downhill slope should be transmitted to our arms by wristbands; on the uphill side, arm thrusts are transmitted to the trekking poles by the wristbands to generate uphill power. Therefore, the wrists pass through the wristbands. Instead of just grabbing the handle directly from the top of the wristband, you should pick up the wristband, pass it under the wristband, press the strap into our palms, and then gently grasp the handle. Yes, support the trekking poles through the wrist strap instead of holding the handle tightly. If there is a buckle, make a slight adjustment and remember not to affect the operation of the trekking pole.

Different terrain operations

The following describes the normal operation method of using a trekking pole in general, but it is not the only way. You can adjust it slightly in practice to find a way that suits you so that you can fully use the advantages of a trekking pole.

The flat and gentle ascent will take the same rhythm as usual. The right arm will bring the trekking pole to the front with the left foot forward, but do not push the rod tip beyond the front of the body, then push it against the ground and push it with the left hand. The right hand interacts with the same action.

The steeper steep slopes are the same as the regular walking, but the arms are to be placed in front of the body in front of the trekking poles, and the trekking poles are used to support the body upwards to relieve the pressure on the legs. If necessary, two trekking poles can be used at the same time. To do a climbing action and push the body upwards, the palm of the hand can be put on top of the rod to strengthen the pushing force.

Because of the relatively large impact on downhill slopes, it is necessary to use trekking poles to reduce the load on the legs. The position of trekking poles must be placed in front of the body, and it must reach the ground before the front foot to achieve the effect of sharing the force. At this time, the body must be It will tilt forward. This action is not a natural action for us to descend. Therefore, we must practice regularly, and at the same time, we must feel how far the trekking pole is to be placed in order to achieve the effect of slowing down the leg pressure, and it will not slow down the original progress. The speed and rhythm. When necessary, you can lengthen the length of the trekking poles based on your personal feelings.

Trekking pole maintenance

When not in use for a period of time, it's best to store the trekking poles separately, with the openings standing upright, allowing the water to flow out slowly. If you do not open, you can gently tap the locked area, or wet the trekking pole, reduce some friction, you can successfully open the trekking pole.

A problem with rotation-locking trekking poles is that the grommet in the strut will rotate with the strut and cannot be locked. The reason for this type of failure is that the grommet is too dirty. Just remove the strut and then completely remove the grommet. You can solve the problem by installing it after cleaning.

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