In multiple vertical folding. The corners of the page (near the intersection of the polylines) are easily wrinkled. To avoid such phenomena. You must take appropriate precautions.

Common causes are:

â‘  The folding order is unreasonable, so that the folding pressure of the folding machine is too high, so that the paper at the folding corner is wrinkled.

â‘¡ The folding process is unreasonable. The air is trapped inside the sticker and cannot be discharged smoothly, which affects the folding effect. For example, first fold the page twice in parallel, and then fold it twice in the vertical direction. This scheme can easily cause air trapped inside the sticker. But if you change the previous two parallel folds into fan-shaped folds, you can get rid of the predicament.

â‘¢The speed of the hybrid folding machine is too high, which increases the pressure on the paper during the folding process. Generally speaking. Both heavier and lighter weight paper must use a lower folding speed.

â‘£ Sometimes changing the paper type will get better results. For example, recycled paper has short fibers and low strength. There is a greater possibility of wrinkling at the corners, if you change to a better quality paper. It can greatly improve the folding effect of the automatic folding machine.

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