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With the rapid development of modern science and technology, multimedia is continuously applied to education and teaching, especially playing an important role in music teaching. It has greatly expanded the capacity of music teaching, improved teaching methods, enriched teaching resources, and brought a lively new situation to teaching. The outstanding performance is to use the sound image to act on the student ’s organs, create a good teaching atmosphere, stimulate students ’interest in music, turn abstraction into concrete, and integrate theory into practice, so that students can experience, imagine, express and create comprehensive capabilities improve. Let's talk about the effect of multimedia on music teaching in combination with teaching practice.

1. The application of multimedia in song teaching

In traditional teaching, a song is either a teacher fan singing, a recording fan singing, or a piano accompaniment to a student singing. This teaching method makes the students feel boring and tasteless. In teaching, students just learn to sing along with the echo. The content and artistic conception of the song can only be spoken through the teacher. The students cannot grasp the content of the song very well, and of course they cannot fully express the mood of the song and the thoughts and feelings of the songwriter when singing. Such singing is unable to impress others or even impress oneself. Over time, students will slowly lose interest in singing, not even in music lessons. When teaching singing songs, multimedia is used to display the situation and relevant information of the song in an intuitive form, so that students have an understanding of the content and mood of the song, and the effect of learning to sing will be very different. For example, when learning the song "Sidu Chishui Out of the Wonderful Soldiers", first use multimedia courseware to display video clips and related materials related to the song, so that students can understand the song's creative background and the content and mood of the song. Then use the multimedia to play the singer's singing with eloquent emotions. By listening to the singing and combining the pictures depicting the content of the song, the students can more vividly understand the mood of the song and the music theme to be expressed, so that the song's emotion and artistic image are perfectly combined. . On this basis, it is much easier for students to learn to sing by combining the materials in their lives.

Second, the role of multimedia in music appreciation teaching

In the music teaching materials of the People's Education Edition, music appreciation accounts for about 25% of the total hours per semester, which is not a small proportion. In traditional music appreciation classes, students either listen to teachers playing music or listen to audio tapes, which is very passive. Of course, such music classes are also boring and monotonous, and the teaching effect can be imagined. The use of multimedia teaching in music appreciation classes can be combined with pictures to explain and enjoy music programs, which greatly stimulates students' interest in music and improves the effect of music appreciation classes. For example, when listening to the song "Ten Send Red Army", due to the different years of student life, it was originally taught that the students only played the recordings, and then the teacher introduced the song.It is difficult for students to imagine the deep fish and water feelings of the military and civilians. The great victory of the Long March of 25,000 miles and the support of the people are inseparable. Now when teaching, I will use multimedia to show students the difficulties and obstacles of the Long March, the common people send their children to join the army, and the moving part of the Red Army, and then appreciate the MTV of this song, so that the students can intuitively feel the blood and blood of the war years The fiery years of fire and the deep friendship between soldiers and civilians. So that students are deeply patriotic education. Another example is that in the instrumental music appreciation class, in the past, only students were allowed to see pictures, listen to recordings and teachers ’explanations. After a class, students could not recognize a certain musical instrument one by one. Now multimedia is used to show pictures, timbre, playing techniques and classification of various musical instruments intuitively and vividly to students. When introducing a certain musical instrument, not only can you see the instrument intuitively from the screen, you can also hear it Understand the performance and timbre of this instrument. Through intuitive comparison of images, students can easily identify various musical instruments, summarize their types, and have a deep memory.

3. The role of multimedia in music interest activities

In the teaching of music interest activities, teachers can link the pre-prepared teaching courseware to the multimedia teaching network. Students can choose the appropriate learning content according to their musical foundation, knowledge level, preferences and self-learning ability. It varies from person to person, and can be viewed as many times as necessary, so that students can learn more about music content, enrich students' knowledge, and improve their musical talents. For example, in the music textbooks we currently use only the appreciation of songs, students have relatively little knowledge of Chinese and foreign dances and dramas. In order to obtain good teaching results, students are required to find relevant materials on the Internet before class, and multimedia is used to teach students the representative dances and dramas of ethnic minorities with distinctive ethnic characteristics in our country, such as the Uyghur dance "Senaim" "Sieg Timai"; "Gu Ge Li" and "An Dan" of the Xian nationality; various national traditions, folk local dramas, etc. While appreciating Chinese and foreign dances and dramas, I also further understood the customs and culture of various ethnic minorities, broadened students' horizons, and improved their artistic literacy. After class, students are allowed to develop a music bar or communication platform in the multimedia teaching network of schools or classes, so that teachers and students, students and students can enjoy the exchange and discussion of music knowledge and music works, broaden their horizons, and increase their knowledge.

In short, the use of multimedia has greatly enriched the content of music teaching, stimulated students' strong learning interest, and cleverly combined the emotional experience of students with the experience of music appreciation to make the traditional classroom teaching inconvenient or unsolvable problems solved and widened Students 'vision is improved, teaching efficiency is improved, and students' artistic quality is comprehensively improved.

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