Some people say that autumn is a season of memories, whether it is to recall or be remembered. I also hope that when I meet at the corner cafe in the past, I am the one who has not changed or changed beauty. Therefore, the girls moved, and the anti-aged began with the care of the Ming dynasty, and the window of the soul that was to be said to be retired was well-maintained.

Light up 4 points of alum

Light up 4 points of alum

1. Dry lines, dynamic lines, static lines / symptomatic are effective

Wrinkles that appear too dry can be hidden with a moisturizing eye cream. Dynamic, the wrinkles that can be seen by laughing, it is necessary to use the eye cream of the six peptide ingredients to control the expression lines. For deep static wrinkles, wrinkle-removing ingredients should be used. If the six-peptide is used to control the expression lines, no obvious effect can be seen.

2. Say goodbye to dark circles / peptides, ginkgo and seaweed

Taiwan’s constituent expert Zhang Liqing’s blog has expressed the desire to improve dark circles through skin care products. The effect is limited. It can improve the composition of dark circles, mainly including multi-peptides, plant extracts such as ginkgo and seaweed which can activate microvascular circulation and promote lymphatic drainage. Choose the right ingredients, but also with the massage, to increase the circulation of the eye, and persist, in order to work. Nowadays, many brands have launched beading or other types of eye products with their own massage sticks, which can easily massage the eyes.

3. Young MM / clean love gentle

Eye problems are mainly dry, and there are habits, dark circles caused by stress, and edema. In addition to targeted maintenance, we must also pay attention to anti-oxidation and sun protection. In addition, less watery eye and lip makeup remover and cleansing alkaline facial cleanser should be used to avoid excessive degreasing and dry eyes.

4. Senior beauty / enhanced leather care

With age, more senior women will have different degrees of dryness, fine lines, deep wrinkles, bags under the eyes, dark circles and so on. In terms of maintenance, it is necessary to pay more attention to the strengthening function of the dermal tissue and the function of promoting the microvascular lymph circulation than the young MM, in order to get rid of the nightmare of the eye.

Skateboarding is becoming more and more popular, a quality helmet is your most important safety device. If you don't wear a helmet when you are riding a scooter, the scratched sprain can recover quickly, but the damage to your head will greatly affect your future life. Some people like to use a Bicycle Helmet as a skateboard helmets which also are light weight, breathable and stylish. 


1. Process: In mould or out mould

2. Material: PC+EPS, PVC+EPS, ABS+EPS

3. Vents: 9-32

4. Weight: 220g-385g

5. Size: S/M/L

6. Color: any color or pattern

7. Packing: Gift box and Master carton

8. OEM: accept.

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