The mask is one of the most essential of our skin care products, and it is also the fastest one. Come and see the mistakes in the use of these 3 masks, and then look at our word-of-mouth mask, but it is sought after by many people. Star hot sale!

1. After thoroughly cleaning the face, apply the mask

It can also be used to open the pores with warm water vapor before applying the mask. On the one hand, the deep sebum and dirt are removed, and on the other hand, the skin can absorb the nourishing ingredients of the mask more.

2, before the facial mask exfoliation

Exfoliating action in front of the mask can also enhance the effect of the mask, but remember to go to the keratin before each application, otherwise it may cause unnecessary damage to the skin.

3, to apply when the face is wet

After cleansing the face, apply the mask while the face is still moist. Especially for deep cleansing masks of clay and mud, you can also spray some moisturizing spray or apply some toner before applying the mask.

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