Eyebrows with long eyebrows are easy to make people look unspirited, so don't try a low-browed eyebrow even if you have recently popularized a very flat eyebrow.

There is a thin line on the eyeliner of the eyeliner. As long as the glare effect is recreated here, the whole face is immediately younger. Although this change is difficult to see, the overall effect is very significant.

Gloss of cheeks is the key to looking young, using pearl powder to brighten the lower eyelids to the cheekbones, which can make people look younger.

The area between the lowermost end of the nose and the highest point of the tibia is the correct position of the blush. The round blush can simulate the young and lively temperament. The overly slanted dark blush can not only stretch the facial contour. The role also makes people look old five years old.

The hydration, elasticity and luster of the lips are the impressions of young lips. Using a glossy lipstick or applying lip gloss in high-gloss areas can bring you unexpected youthful beauty.

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