Experts suggest that when consumers buy wooden furniture, understanding and mastering the technical requirements of wood furniture and distinguishing their advantages and disadvantages is an effective way to correctly purchase wooden furniture.

Focus on surface quality

The wood-based panel furniture in wood furniture is based on wood-based panels such as particleboard and medium-density fiberboard. The surface is decorated with melamine, PVC, wood veneer and paper grain. The wood-like pattern is clear and natural, smooth and flat. , has a good visual effect and feel. When purchasing furniture, it mainly depends on whether the surface of the furniture material has scratches, indentations, bubbling, degumming and peeling marks.

Focus on production quality

In the production of wooden furniture, the formed plates are assembled by cutting saws, decorative edges and components.

Look at the quality of the production of wood-based panel furniture mainly depends on the quality of the cutting saw, the quality of the edge and surface decoration and the quality of the plate port. In general, the sheet that meets the accuracy requirements has a smooth profile and a good angle after the saw is cut. After the furniture is made, the slope of the panel does not appear. The side and surface decoration mainly depends on whether the rubber coating on the decorative part is uniform, whether the bonding is firm, whether the trimming is smooth and smooth, and whether the end face of the visible part such as the side plate, the door panel and the drawer panel of the component is sealed, and the decoration is finished. There is no trace of adhesion on the edge of the fine board. Assembling the assembly mainly depends on whether the hole at the hole is exquisite and tidy. Whether the connector is firm after installation, whether there is a gap between the plane and the end face, and there is no looseness in the hand.

Focus on the quality of metal parts and plastic parts

Metal parts and plastic parts are often used as fastening connectors in wooden furniture, so the quality of metal parts also determines the quality of the internal quality of wooden furniture. Metal parts require dexterity, smoothness, and good surface plating treatment. There should be no rust, burrs, etc., and the precision of the fittings should be high. Plastic parts should be beautiful in appearance and bright in color. The parts of the force in use should have strength and elasticity, and should not be too thin. The open connection requires flexible rotation, and the spring inside is tightly fitted so that the furniture will be smooth, easy and free of friction when it is opened.

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