Whether it is adolescence or after puberty, in fact, men are more prone to acne, mainly due to male hormone secretion in males. Many are inflammatory acne such as cystic or pustular acne. But men also love face, the intolerable acne not only hurts men's self-confidence but also seriously affects love. Many men are struggling to find acne methods. At present, a network is shocked by a brother's decisive acne, and also the most popular movie "Let the Bullets Fly" in the past time.

皙肤泉 Men's acne - let the bullet fly version

He said, don't squeeze acne, use skin care products as appropriate. Extrusion of the pus or white grease in the acne, it seems that the acne will disappear faster, but this will cause a series of injuries, including pits, dark spots, easy blushing, vasodilation to form a strip Bloodshot, and always acne in the same place. Therefore, he wants to tell everyone that the trick of men's acne is to wait for two or three weeks, let the pellets dry and compact, and naturally fall out when cleaning, so don't worry about when to squeeze the best, then use the skin to squeeze The acne-free suit squeezes out the acne, and the contained acne-free acne-repairing aloe vera can effectively repair broken acne without leaving scars.

Rattan Flower pot is suit for outdoor garden usage for long time. The material is UV resistant PE rattan and 1.2mm thickness aluminum frame with powder-coated.


Outstanding weaving and structural integrity make our Rattan Flower Pot a welcome addition outdoors. Rattan fibers are smoothly double woven around concealed powder-coated aluminum frames. Gently angled backs and wide arms encourage restful lounging.

·         Traditional forms with a spacious, inviting scale

·         Handwoven premium resin wicker UV resistant

·         Rust-resistant powder-coated frames

·         Different size and design for your selection

·         Accept OEM, ODE design, factory price

We have different design rattan flower pot, different size for your selection, you can decorate your home or garden, make your life clean and neat.

Rattan Flower Pot    

Rattan Flower Pot


If you have any questions, please contact with us directly. Rattan Flower Pot are produced by Golden Eagle Outdoor Furniture With High Quality and Good Appearance. Welcome you can visit our Factory.For any inquiry,Please send mail directly to us.

Rattan Flower Pot

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