There is a special character in the recently broadcasted "New Pearl Princess". She has a strange fragrance on her body, which makes the Emperor Qianlong fall in love. She is the toon. Different from the "external" aroma of perfume, the body fragrance is "inner" and the fragrance is obvious, and it can be fragrant for life.
Is there a way to "create" body fragrance? Have. Huang Xiaofen, deputy director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Red Cross Hospital of Nanning, introduced several traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions , which can make the fragrance come out from the inside out.
Want to remove the turbidity of the body first. Speaking of the Chinese medicine body, many people will think of the "cold fragrance pills" used by Xue Baozhen in "Dream of Red Mansions". The source of raw materials is extremely rare. The white peony core in spring, the white lotus in summer, the white hibiscus in autumn, and the white plum in winter are collected and grinded together, plus the rain on the day of "rainwater" and the day of "white dew". The dew, the frost on the day of "Colour Drop", the snow on the day of "Xiaoxue" is mixed with 12 yuan, and then mixed with honey and sugar to make a long-eyed meatball, hidden under the pear tree, and taken with cork water when needed. After taking it, it can make the body emit fragrance. However, its effect is mainly to remove the body's fetal toxicity, and the body is just a "windfall".
According to Huang Xiaofen, according to the traditional concept, the traditional Chinese medicine body is mainly through the use of drugs to regulate the body's blood and blood, remove the dampness and turbidity in the body, and make the skin more rosy and smooth; or some drugs do have aromatic substances, after metabolism, after taking the metabolism , the fragrance is emitted from the body. But in general, body fragrance is not only a reaction of physical state, it is a manifestation of the healthy functioning of the whole body function. Therefore, in order to achieve the purpose of body fragrance, we must first remove the turbidity of the body and let the blood fill. The meridian function is normal.
In addition, taking Chinese medicine should be based on your own physical characteristics or needs. The following are different recipes for different groups of people.
The lungs and stomach have a heat-induced body odor: Ruyi Fang's "Yi Xin Fang" records that the Ruyi recipe is: melon seeds, pine roots and jujube, licorice, etc., together research into fine, storage. Take 6~9 grams each time, it can clear the deodorant body. It usually takes 20 days to have an effect. After 30 days, the body is fragrant. After 100 days, the clothes and mattresses have aroma. It is especially suitable for body odor caused by heat in the lungs or lower heat.
There is a sweaty smelly person: the noble person's sweaty side is from the "must use the whole book", is a simple operation. 40 grams of cloves, 60 capsules of Sichuan pepper. First, the cloves are ground into fine powder, and the Sichuan pepper is broken. Then the two flavors of the medicine are mixed and mixed well. They are dressed in a sputum bag and worn on the chest. They can be sweaty and fragrant, suitable for people with sweaty smell.
There is a body odor: the rule of the body fox is a prescription in the "Compendium of Materia Medica", the focus is to remove the odor of the body, and it is not very important to increase the aroma. The method is simple and easy: the small dragon's eye nucleus and the pepper 14 are ground into fine powder, and when the sweat is out, the medicine is rubbed under the sputum, and the body odor can be removed.
No disease: the body is scattered in the body of the "prepared for a thousand gold wings". 30 grams of winter melon seeds, pine root white skin, jujube are scattered, each time with wine to take 1 gram, 2 times a day, can scent. Applicable to people who are sick and sick, usually take aroma and create odor.
Both the body and the skin are not to be treated. Use jujube meat (jujube to nuclear) 100 grams, 100 grams of cinnamon, 100 grams of melon kernels, 500 grams of pine bark, 1000 grams of white honey. First, the jujube meat is ground into jujube; the cinnamon, winter melon kernel, pine bark (two layers of white skin, no outer layer of rough skin) are ground fine, mixed with jujube, and honey is made into honey pill, such as longan. Take 2~4 pills each morning and evening, and it will be able to scent, beauty and white skin. It is suitable for long-term use, which gives the body a natural aroma and makes the skin white and rosy.
There is also a simple way to achieve the purpose of the body. Use five kinds of medicines to make tea, make pills or take a bath. These five drugs are: woody, atractylodes, paeonol, clove, wujiapi, jasmine. When making tea, each 5 grams of brewed drink, half a month is effective; when making pills, each 50 grams is fine, with 200 grams of raw honey to make pills, 2 grams of pills, 4 pills a day; bath, then each time 20 grams of Jianshui 500 ml, rushed into the basin for 1 hour, 2 times a week.
“Because the Chinese medicine body is more troublesome to operate, and now the perfume has become popular, few people use the Chinese medicine body.” Huang Xiaofen reminded that the Chinese medicine body can not produce strong body fragrance, as for the effect, it depends on their body. status.  

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