[Abstract] The present invention describes a modified pipe fixing fitting for a commercial water tank having a faucet with a pre-cleaning unit comprising a universal tap and a universal tap for connecting the faucet with the flexibility of the water source of the building to the pool Steel hose. The special packaging for this pre-cleaning fixture can include a hard plastic shell that protects at least some of the underlying components from the shrink wrap, and the shrink wrap will secure the components against movement on a rigid substrate. These fittings are pre-assembled prior to mounting the shrink-wrap material onto this rigid substrate.

[Sovereign Items] 1. A pre-cleaning combination for a transport package, comprising: a first rigid substrate having a perforation to allow air to pass therethrough; a tension spring resting on the substrate; and a penetrating spring a flexible steel hose placed; a hard shell constructed and placed so as to cover the spring and the hose and resting against the substrate; and a shrink wrap on the shell and the substrate and leaning The substrate is fixed to the sheet of flexible material of the shell.

Source: Wanfang Data Resources

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