Stepping into the light mature stage, the skin becomes dry, especially the skin moisturizing ability is not as good as before. Therefore, when using moisturizing essence, you need to choose colleagues to have three beauty functions: hydrating, water absorption and water retention. It stays moisturized for a long time in the skin.

Dry skin: moisturizing essence, moisturizing from the bottom of the muscles

Three-line palm massage, manual introduction

Moisturizing is most afraid of being a superficial kung fu. Beauty and skin care experts specially teach “three-line palm massage” and turn hands into “introduction instruments”: the nose is the center, and the most water-deficient cheeks are divided into three parts. The palm area is larger than the fingertips, and the essence can be pressed into every inch of skin.

How to care for different skin types and light acne

1, chin midline to the ear

Pour the essence into the palm of your hand and find the middle line of the chin. Apply the right palm to the upper right and apply it to the right ear. The movement is repeated twice, and vice versa.

2, people in the ear

Place the right palm in the person, pull it up to the right ear, then change the left palm from the person to the left ear, 2 times on each side.

How to care for different skin types and light acne

3, nose to ear

The right palm rests on the right alar, and the upper right is pulled up to the right ear, then the left palm is pulled from the left nose to the left ear, 2 times on each side.

Finishing the forehead: from right to left, from bottom to top

The right palm is pushed up above the right eyebrow and pushed up to the hairline. The same gesture moves from right to left, pushes to the left eyebrow, then changes hands from left to right, and finally gently passes the T-shaped part with the middle finger and index finger. >>> Correct massage method with essential products to fight wrinkles

How to care for different skin types and light acne

Estee Lauder Intensive Whitening Essence

Applicable people: Suitable for all skin types, it can promote whitening power from the bottom layer of the skin, creating a clear and flawless whitening nude muscle. Sisters who are troubled by whitening problems such as stains, hoarseness and yellowness must definitely try it.

Recommended reason: the taste is light floral, faint and very comfortable. Although it is the essence, but the milky white emulsion is not very thick, so the texture is light and the ductility is very good. The temperature of the palm is combined with the massage, which can be absorbed quickly. It is not greasy at all, and there is no mud. The phenomenon. After two weeks, I saw that the sunburn was slightly faded. I believe that it will improve the dark yellow spots.

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