China's ink industry started late, compared with the scale of the ink industry in developed countries in Europe and America, the gap is large. The annual output of ink in China has grown from 100,000 tons in 1995 to 430,000 tons in 2008, with sales of about 9.1 billion yuan, and the average annual growth rate has remained above 10%, of which offset ink accounts for about 50% of the total. %, flexo ink and gravure ink account for about 40% of the total, and other inks account for about 10% of the total. At present, China has become the world's fourth largest ink producer, second only to the United States, Japan and Germany.

In the past ten years, the quality and quantity of China's ink products have undergone tremendous changes, but China is still a developing country, and the per capita consumption of printed matter is still very low. In the next 5 to 10 years, China's national economy will maintain rapid development. The great development of ink is also obvious.

How will the printing ink develop in the future, and how can we ensure a healthy and stable development? Mainly follow the following three major steps:

1. Develop ink products suitable for the market:

In particular, the introduction of competitively priced and inexpensive products, occupying the low-end market, such as paper offset printing inks, plastic surface printing inks and printing inks;

2. Develop environmentally friendly inks:

Such as alcohol-soluble type printing gravure ink, anhydrous soybean oil offset (environmental protection) ink, water-based ink (where water-based plastic ink is environmentally friendly products supported by Guangdong Province) and UV/EB flexo inks and other new inks;

3. Develop high value-added ink products:

Such as industrial inkjet products (continuous inkjet cIJ, drop-on-demand DOD), conductive inks, anti-counterfeiting security inks, etc.

The variety of inks is different and the use is different, and printing with ink is also a technology, so the technical service of ink is also particularly important. Not only do the service providers need to be familiar with the ink, but also the printing technology. If there is any advantage of an ink, where it is used, where is the customer, how to use it to reflect the advantages of the product.

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