[ China Wardrobe ] Home, originally a place where people rest, but many people will suffer from insomnia at home, insomnia, may be a physiological cause, or may be a psychological reason, but, do you know? If the furniture in the home is improperly placed, it will affect the sleep of the occupants! Let's take a look at these factors that may cause insomnia!

The door is very messy

When I get back home one day, when I enter the door, I find that there is a lot of mess, which will definitely affect my mood and affect sleep. It is recommended to set a screen or partition at the entrance. Don't let people stand at the door and see at home. And be sure to keep your room clean and tidy.

Sofa under the window

In the event of weather changes, people sitting at the window are prone to insecurity and irritability; long hair blowing can easily damage the body. So the sofa must not be placed by the window.

Bedside facing the door

The bed is facing the door, which will damage the privacy of the bedroom, making people feel uneasy and affecting sleep.

Place the chandelier on the bed

The shape and weight of the chandelier are easy to bring insecurity, so it is best to install a light fixture directly above the bed.

The bed is facing the wrong direction

Since the earth's magnetic field has the characteristics of attracting iron, cobalt, and nickel, the human body also contains these three elements. When the bed is placed in the direction of the east, it is easy to affect the distribution of blood in the body and interfere with sleep. Therefore, the bed should be oriented north and south.

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