1. Before starting the operation, three test inks should be confirmed and marked to ensure that the ink's pH and viscosity are normal. Select a red, blue, and green tint 2. Collect three to four commonly used substrates for testing;
3. Debug printing machine, choose the anilox roller used in spot color printing;
4. Install a gradation plate on one plate cylinder and a solid negative plate plate on the other cylinder;
5. Printed solids with test inks on each substrate using both a gradation and a negative plate, and if the sleeves were not used in production, gradation jumps may occur.
The hardness of the sleeve and plate material is different, and the amount of ink transferred may vary. Therefore, the testing and comparison of the two are very important.
6. The technical data of the anilox roll (cell volume bcm and mesh line number and anilox roll number) are recorded and the printed sample sheet is numbered. Bring proofs and test inks back to the ink booth. Use a simple table to determine the right anilox roll;
7. Select the manual proofer anilox roller closest to the cell volume of the anilox roller used in the printing machine, and install it on the manual proofer;
8. Use the manual proofer to proof and compare with the proofs of the printing machine; repeat the above process until the proofs and printed proofs match to determine the matching proofing anilox roller;
9. confirm the proofs with data measured by the naked eye or spectrophotometer;
10. Use other test inks for proofing to confirm test results;
11. Record the test result in the corresponding anilox roller table;
Reasonably use the manual proofer to maintain accurate records, reduce the time of color calibration, reduce waste, and improve the operating efficiency of the printing press through this simple link. More help is needed to contact the supplier of inks and anilox rollers. Easily deal with and keep relevant records at any time.

    Silicone kitchen utensils and appliances, as a kind of household cooking class life appliance, its security is very important, in the choose and buy when we must to find regular vendors to buy, need to have food grade environmental protection product certification test report, or the FDA, LFGB certification test report of raw material, in the choose and buy when we should also pay attention to choose suitable for their own use of kitchen utensils and appliances, to distinguish between the use of a single kitchen utensils and appliances, before buying must use nose to smell a smell smell of products, strict silicone kitchen utensils and appliances in a heated encounter cold should not have any smell, in the white paper to wipe won't have any rub off phenomenon.

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