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For the beauty salon franchise chain, there are two big misunderstandings. One is to achieve visual impact advertising effects through rapid expansion. Ignore the cooperation of advertising. Emphasis on the development of the market, ignoring the strengthening of the market. Have the courage to fight the market, but no wisdom to manage the market. Second, it is extremely dependent on advertising promotion, and it is expected to achieve the purpose of establishing a chain image through the advertising effect, so as to attract customers. But in fact, neither of these two understandings captures the essence of the chain, or even distorts the true image of the chain. To a large extent, one would rather narrow the definition of the chain. Therefore, many beauty chains have performed poorly in the market. Of course, we can't define this as "wrong". Accurately speaking, it is "mistake". It is the incomplete mastery and application of the chain.

Beauty franchise chain operation is based on brand as a link to form a business phenomenon. At this point, almost all the beauty chain management theories have been elaborated. The key is that in practice, chain companies do not fully understand the meaning of the brand. Therefore, it is difficult to determine the appropriate chain management mode in the chain operation process. In general, brands have two basic elements: brand image and brand value (own intellectual property). In the practice of beauty chain management, the beauty salon franchise chain attaches importance to brand image, such as unified door, logo and decoration, uniform dress and technology, unified promotion and management methods, unified price and delivery and so on. These are the unified arrangements and advancement of brand image of brand-holding companies. These are of course essential for the beauty chain but not complete.

First of all, the chain brand should represent the corporate image and the quality of the unique or representative technology and services owned by the enterprise, the product information conveyed by the chain enterprise, and the trust relationship with the consumer. Chain brands should not be just products and products. In the beauty industry, he should reflect more about the differences and quality of service delivery and the technical characteristics of the chain management that are different from others. Can't just chain for the chain, not just change the management model. Chain is not an end, but a technical means of management. What must be considered is the advantage of the chain, especially the brand advantage. Regardless of the effect that the chain has to achieve, and the increase in the competitiveness of the chain brands, the increase in market share, the substantial reduction in the risk of beauty franchisees, and the protection of the interests of franchisees means that there is no chain.

Second, chain brands are not only the process of establishment, but also the goal of maintenance. Chain operation is a model of brand management. It is expected to minimize the brand's business risks, reduce costs and expand profitability. On this basis, build brand loyalty and sense of belonging. Create satisfaction and trust for consumers. Brand maintenance is not a single advertising campaign, it is a series of behaviors and management. The ultimate goal to achieve is brand culture and brand core integration. The recognized brand recognition in the world has seven characteristics of leadership, survivability, market power, radiation, trend, support and protection. The implementation of each feature is a systematic project.

Whether the beauty chain itself is through the corporate image recognition system or integrated marketing communication, its key work should first focus on the construction and maintenance of the brand. Strengthen the control of the brand's ability and output, in order to carry out the beauty chain!

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