The paper feed site is an important part of the offset press. Its main role is to deliver the sheets in an orderly and accurate manner to the printing unit. The paper feeding part has a large number of working parts, and cooperates with each other in the paper feeding process to ensure that the printed party's political parties deliver. If any of the working parts in the paper feeding process is improperly adjusted or worn, loosened, or moved, normal paper feeding will be hindered.

In the work of the paper, the paper encountered a paper-feeding stoppage to stop the paper from swinging. Sometimes the failure of inverting prevented the normal feeding. The paper stop of the paper stopper is caused by the shaft driving its cam to rotate, and the cam then pushes the paper stopper through the swing lever and the connecting rod to swing and block the paper. The law of motion is that when the paper feed nozzle forwards the paper, the paper stop tongue will fall down. When the paper passes over the paper stop tongue, the paper stop tongue will return to its original position. The fall of the paper stop tongue is pulled by the spring and the reset stop paper is pushed by the cam. After checking that the cam and the spring work properly, I removed the connecting rod. When the manual swinging swing lever is used to push the stop paper shaft to rotate, the paper stop shaft does not rotate flexibly, and the reverse rotation is relatively tight, so that the paper stopper stops the paper from swinging One hundred inversion is not less.

I checked the three support points on the stop shaft and found that the middle support point was not fixed and there was movement. Because the axis rotation needs three supporting points must be in the same straight line, the middle supporting point is subjected to a greater impact force during rotation. Once it is not fixed tightly, there will be a movement that will produce a negile force, and the paper retaining tongue is inverted. Pulled by the spring, the spring itself has a small pulling force, once the resistance is resisted, it will not fall, affect the normal feeding, re-tighten the intermediate pivot, and clean the fulcrum and the shaft rotating parts and oil. After starting up, the paper feed is normal.

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