Recently, Dong Jinting, former deputy director of the Chaoyang District Agricultural Committee of Beijing, was sentenced to 9 years in prison by the Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People's Court for misappropriating public funds of 177,500 yuan for beauty. The news has received the attention of the people. Some netizens ridiculed that "How many beautiful faces are decorated with public funds?"

Public beauty events lead to industry reflection

Beauty is a permanent topic for women. As people pay more attention to beauty, beauty salons have become a place for people to consume daily. Maintaining a beautiful appearance and showing the good image of the cadres in front of the public is indeed something that people advocate. But embezzling public funds for beauty, is to insult the beauty, is unreasonable to meet personal vanity, is a criminal act.

Does the beauty salon accept customers who abuse public funds?

The customer is the economic source of the beauty salon, and of course the essential purpose of the beauty salon business. Serving all the customers is the purpose of the beauty salon, but inheriting the moral beauty of the Chinese nation is what every beauty salon should do. If you know that customers are abusing public funds for beauty, they should stop their consumption immediately. This is not only for their own merits, but also for the real beauty of society. Confucius: Perfect. Beauty is based on goodness. Good is fundamental, beauty has good connotation, and social significance and value. Beauty is harmony, it is the blend of true and good. In particular, cadres at all levels should be more and more obedient to law-abiding, honest and honest, and serve the people. Otherwise, it will be cast aside by the world.


Be a real "beauty"

Beauty salons are the commonplace for high-ranking officials and white-collar workers. If you want a stronger and better development of beauty salons, what is more needed is to carry forward the spirit of beauty salons, create a true beauty spirit, let the true beauty penetrate the hearts of the people, and let more Customers appreciate the true meaning of truth, goodness and beauty. If you want to run a beauty salon better, it is a big thing that the beauty salon must do now and in the future.

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