Margarita said that the house changed her life and allowed her to pick up the design work she had loved. Passionate graffiti, exaggerated pop decoration, in the old and even some dilapidated space, exudes a touch of fashion and humor.

We are a manufaturer of Bath Cleaning Products in JiangMen City, GuangDong Province.  We have 40 sets machines and a good team. The products that we made are mesh ball, Long Bath Sponge, Bath Brush, Bath Belt and all of them are safety material. They can clean your skin, reduce grease and dirt, keep skin clean and comfortable.  easy to make bubbles . You will feel relax when u use them. Any items that u are interested in, welcome to contact us! We will be at your service at all time.

Loofah SpongeSponge BeltHandle Bath Brush

Mesh Bath Sponge Series

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