Today's situation is that the sun is too bright, hot, dry, and the stains follow, and we are very faint after the sun. Even so, the follow-up of after-sun repair can relieve the symptoms of sunburn to a certain extent. And good after-sun repair is not only like fan air conditioning, surface cooling and cooling, not only like cold drink dessert, sensory cold and delicious, but should be a good prescription of medicinal herbal tea, not only clearing the heat, but also the right medicine, deep Meridian, let the skin really recover and rejuvenate.
Rejuvenation after sunburn repair
"Snow in the charcoal" after sunburn, soothing calm
1 “Snow in the charcoal” after sunburn, soothing and calming
After bathing, use Roman chamomile in the desired area on the skin to soothe the calming effect.
Experts advise: Essential oils are liquids that are insoluble in water when extracting plants. Pure dew is a by-product of extracting essential oils and is a liquid in which botanical ingredients are dissolved in water when extracting essential oils. Although it is soluble in water, it is easily absorbed, but the stretchability of the paste is not mentioned. Therefore, tapping is a more appropriate way to promote blood circulation in the face and create a better skin tone. Of course, you need to pay attention to the intensity must be light, to avoid secondary damage.
Rejuvenation after sunburn repair
After the sun is repaired, the sheep are repaired and the red and black are removed.
For tanned or sun-tanned skin treatment: the essential oil can be blended with medium oil such as cold-pressed sesame oil, jojoba oil, and grape seed oil. The ratio of blending is 10 ml medium oil + 3 drops of Roman chamomile + 2 drops of lavender It is applied to the required part as oil for the body after sunburn.
Experts advise: Roman chamomile, lavender and geranium all have a soothing effect on the skin, which is related to their natural chemical composition and is suitable for skin inflammation. Jojoba oil is a commonly used medium oil. It can be used all year round. The medium oil used in summer can be refreshed. For example, grape seed oil and cold pressed sesame oil have better sun protection effect.

The Air Purifier can remove the pollution of [formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC" caused by building decoration materials and indoor office furniture, and can not damage the completed building decoration and decoration project, and will not affect the normal use of the completed project. This product is suitable for living room, kitchen, bathroom, pet room, restaurant, hotel room, shop, office building, garage, etc.. Laser Smog Detector can be used to detect PM2.5, carbon dioxide (CO2), formaldehyde, TVOC and other air quality. Parameters to provide an accurate data base for a healthy indoor environment to better protect the health of the family.

1. Air Purifier

Air PurifierHigh Quality Purifier



Sale No. : SRLP-5533

Rated Voltage Frequency: 220-50Hz

Function: Remove the pollution of [formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC"

Wind speed adjustment: High  medium  low

Power(W): 89  63  34

Air Volume(m^3/min): 300m^3

Noise(dB[A]): 58  54  45

Power Cord Length:1.8 m

Weight: 11kg


1. After using this air purifier, the air quality reaches the safety standard in 24-48 hours.

2. "Patent formaldehyde purifier machine" filter life is greater than 12 months.

3. It can exhaust a variety of toxic gases such as "formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC, PM2.5".

4. It can be applied in batches to mature products in decoration projects, and has the only technical advantage in China.

2. Laser Smog Detector

Laser Somg Detector

Component : function keys, display screen, switch key, USB charging port, temperature and humidity sensor and ventilation .

Product Size:66X115X52mm

Weight: 190g

USB Adapter: 5V/1A

Power battery capacity: 1800mAh

Power supply continuous working time: about 5 hours

Screen size: 3.2

Screen resolution: 240x400




Q: Why can't the product boot normally?

Answer A: If the [power switch" is not turned on, please turn the [open key" on the back of the product to the right to turn it on;

Answer B: The battery is exhausted. Please charge the product and restart it.


Q: Why does configuring the network always fail?

Answer A: Wi-Fi password input error. Please be sure to enter the correct Wi-Fi password;

Answer B: It is not in the [distribution mode". Please press and hold the [function button" for 3 seconds to enter the distribution mode (the Wi-Fi icon flashes in the distribution mode);

Answer C: The router signal band is 5 GHz. Please switch the router signal band to 2.4 GHz and try again.


Q: Why is the detection value low?

A: It may be that the ventilation holes are blocked. Please make sure that the ventilation holes on both sides of the product body are not obstructed by obstacles.


Q: Why is the outdoor PM2.5 data not displayed?

A: If there is no network or the network is not available, please connect the product to the available network for use.



Air Purifier And Laser Smog Detector

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