Nowadays, it is really popular in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. I only use a collagen crystal mask for 15 minutes before going to sleep every night. I finished the day's whitening skin care , and the lazy MM can also become white and tender. !

Whitening in in keyword: collagen

A study found that women's skin ages faster than men. This is because they consume collagen 2.5 times faster than men. Collagen accounts for more than 70% of the skin's ingredients. It is the skin's water-locking sponge. Collagen is not enough. It can't be absorbed by any more water. Dark yellow, rough and so on will also appear.

Collagen supplement: food supplement vs supplement

Supplementing collagen through food supplement is more than trotters, and eat more shark's fin bird's nest. Compared with the collagen-containing mask, it is slower and there is a danger of getting fat! Moderate and timely food supplements can usually receive good results, but it is obviously not suitable for mm that you want to be lazy!

Deep cleansing face

It’s impossible to skip the cleaning step by the lazy whitening method, so the mms will have to work hard to complete the work again! After carefully washing the face with a deep cleansing facial cleanser, pour the toner onto the cotton pad to gently rub the skin to achieve a deep cleansing of the facial skin. The mask is a deep care for the skin. Therefore, the pores of the facial skin must be carefully handled before the care.

Apply with collagen crystal mask for 15 minutes

The collagen crystal mask discards the traditional non-woven fabric as a medium. It consists entirely of deep-sea fish small-molecule collagen and nutrient essence. It is completely lazy, and it does not need to be washed after application, but it can immediately see obvious changes in the skin. During the application of the mask, mm can obviously feel that the mask gradually becomes thinner with the absorption of nutrients by the skin. Generally, after 15 minutes, the dullness and roughness of the face can be effectively improved!

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