Handmade glass bottle photo frame
Handmade glass bottle photo frame

The materials are simple, scissors, rulers, pencils, and of course, clean glass jars and photos you like. For a jar with an annoying product label, tell you an easy solution. It is easy to remove the product label firmly adhered to the surface of the object with an organic solvent such as oleoresin or active oil, which is suitable for any situation.

Use a ruler to roughly measure the height of the inner wall of the can to accommodate the photo. If the can is slightly shorter than the photo, you can use a pencil to mark the photo and cut it with scissors. Try to choose a moderately-sized jar for the photo. After all, the photo can be trimmed, and the glass jar is...

There are of course some exceptions. For example, if you want to give a close-up to the face in the photo, then cut the part of the face and choose a relatively short bottle that will give you an unexpected artistic effect.

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