There are more and more women who pay attention to drinking water today, but there are not many people who really drink. Drinking without taking time, drinking without thinking about content, drinking without thinking... can only prove that you are just drinking water, but not necessarily drinking water. So, what are the hidden dangers of drinking water ?

Women who love water can also hurt themselves

Drinking plenty of water is good for your health and good for your skin, but it is not good to drink any water. Drinking the wrong water is not only good for the body, but also harmful. Beauty should pay attention.

1, long set of boiling water

After boiling water for a long time, the nitrogen-containing organic matter is continuously decomposed into nitrite. In particular, the boiling water that has been stored for a long time is inevitably contaminated with bacteria. At this time, the decomposition of nitrogen-containing organic matter is accelerated, and the production of nitrite is more. After drinking such water, the combination of nitrite and hemoglobin will affect the oxygen transport function of the blood.

Therefore, the residual water that has been boiled many times in the thermos for many days, and the water that has been boiled for a long time on the stove, has changed its composition and cannot be drunk. You should drink water that is boiled for no more than 24 hours.

In addition, bottled, bottled pure water, mineral water should not be stored for too long. Large bottles or barrels of pure water and mineral water should not be consumed for more than 3 days.

2, salt water

Some people think that drinking salt water is good for your health, so it is wrong to drink salt water in the morning. Drinking light salt water is good for health, which is necessary for replenishing water after sweating in the summer. It is not only beneficial for morning water supplementation, but also a misconduct that is harmful to health.

Physiological studies suggest that people do not drink drip during sleep all night, but breathing, perspiration, and urinary dysfunction are in progress, and these physiological activities consume a lot of water.

When getting up in the morning, the blood has become concentrated. At this time, if you drink a certain amount of boiled water, the blood can be diluted quickly, and the hypertonic dehydration at night can be corrected. Drinking salt water instead of aggravating hypertonic dehydration makes it easy to dry.

Moreover, the morning is the first peak of the rise in blood pressure in the human body. Drinking salt and boiling water will make blood pressure higher and endanger health.

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