Essential oils have become the new protagonist of beauty and skin care . She has beauty, relieves stress and relaxes muscles. Rose life essential oil is known as "plant hormone". In fact, many essential oils are also like human hormones, which play an important role in the eye bags.

Essential oils can be said to be plant hormones, which have the same constituent materials and life energy as humans. The essential oils are extremely fine and have high penetration, so the energy level is effective for entering and leaving the body without leaving any toxins. According to research, essential oils do not remain in the body like chemical drugs. They are excreted by heeluria, sweating, and exhalation. For normal healthy people, the discharge takes three to six hours, even if For unhealthy people, it only takes 14 hours. Broadly speaking, plants themselves are the manufacturing plants for chemical substances. When essential oils enter the human body, we are equal to taking the essence of the plants. So what we can be sure of is that using essential oils can make human tissue stronger and more energetic.

Essential oils promote skin metabolism and activate cell regeneration. Increases skin elasticity, makes skin brighter, and diminishes the melanin of the skin's epidermis, which can achieve the effect of double-layered eyes and dark circles.

The essential oil molecules stimulate the olfactory nerve through the nasal scent, and the olfactory nerve transmits the stimulus to the brain center. The brain generates excitement. On the one hand, it controls the nerve activity and functions to regulate the nerve activity. On the other hand, it controls the gland secretion through the neuromodulation method to regulate the human body. The entire internal environment. By stimulating neurotherapy, internal conditioning can be achieved, laying a solid foundation for the eye bags.

Paper Cylinders With Rolled Edge


Paper Cylinders with rolled edge is another kind of paper cyliner tubes , the rolled edge are aimed to the top lid or base . Not all paper tube boxes are suitable for having a rolled edge , for example , those whose inside diameter is less than 3mm can not be done with rolled edge s, 3mm is the minimum size for the rolling machine . Also , too thin or too thick cardboard can not make the very perfect rolled edge , the most ideal thickness for paper Cylinders with rolled edge is 1.2mm. In addition , those matte uncoated paper are not suitable for the paper Cylinders with rolled edge as its edge may turn to be glossy when rolled . Round paper tubes can be done with display window as well , you can choose to hide or not to hide the edge of the window , it`s up to you .



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Paper Cylinders With Rolled Edge

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