Lazy girls pay attention, just need to master the following 20 ultra-simple beauty tips, it will make you bubbling throughout the summer!

The hair is too dirty to wash, you can tie a ball head

The hair is too dirty to wash, you can tie a ball head

1, the hair is too dirty to wash, do not be discouraged, there are ways to solve. Put all the hair up, comb it up high, tie a ball head on the top of the head, the trouble is solved, and it looks more energetic.

2. Do you cut the bangs yourself? It sounds incredible, but the edge of the hair has been long, which makes people feel very annoying, but it should not be difficult to reduce the excess on the original basis.

3. Make sure that there is a bottle of baby talcum powder in your bathroom, and that you should bring it to the place where you are on vacation. When you are on the beach, there is a mixture of exposure and sun exposure. It is inevitable that there will be lice or allergies. At this time, the role of talcum powder appears. And it's still the most original shampoo.

4, after shampooing and blowing to a semi-dry, this not only saves the time of blowing, but also good for the hair.

5, before going to the beach for a holiday, you may wish to have a small meeting with the girlfriends to discuss the necessary equipment for the division of labor, such as who has a hair dryer, who with shampoo, who with high-power sunscreen, so that not only can save space for luggage, between friends Dress up each other with half the effort.

Have a big wave of curls when you sleep

Have a big wave of curls when you sleep

6, lazy to get to shape, but how can there be no big waves on the beach? One of the easiest ways to split the hair evenly into the middle from the back, each tied to a twisted tweezers, and then sleep like this, the curls you want the next morning will appear.

7. Apply moisturizer before depilation, which will make your hair removal process smoother and easier.

8, when buying beauty products, you should choose more dual-effect products, such as beauty tools, these products can be used for a long time and can help make the makeup more smooth, the effect is more satisfactory.

9, a second to become an elegant girl's cheats in the lips, you can be plain, you can not draw mascara, do not apply eye shadow, do not blush, but you want to shine, how to do? Try applying a bright lipstick, red is a good choice.

10. Make good use of kitchen paper. The water absorption capacity of the paper is much stronger than that of the towel. Wiping off excess moisture with a paper towel and applying a moisturizing lotion will enhance the absorption.

If you want to have a nail art quickly, you can try it.

If you want to have a nail art quickly, you can try it.

11, want to be beautiful nails and feel that the nail polish time is too long, then use a post, easy to operate, visually beautiful.

12. Bathe before swimming, which can effectively protect your hair from chemicals in the sea.

13, using a skin care base cream, it can make your makeup process easier, while zooming in.

14, in the summer due to wearing sandals, high-heeled shoes will lead to the increase of dead skin, the beauty must be no dead ends beautiful, the easiest way is to apply moisturizing cream on the feet 15 minutes before going to bed and then put on socks to sleep, in this case The keratin can be softened softly, and gently removed when cleaned, so that the skin of the feet is always moist.

15, with hair color to make you a bright spot, dye a good hair will make you a bright spot at the beach.

Wearing a hat is the most practical way to go to the beach.

Wearing a hat is the most practical way to go to the beach.

16, wearing a hat, this is the most beautiful and practical sun protection method on the beach.

17. Whenever you don't forget to go to the beauty counter to go shopping, there are the most popular beauty trends, and the sales staff of the counter will not regret to explain to you, it is not impossible to draw a beautiful makeup. .

18. What should I do if my hair is messy? It’s hard to mess up, use mascara to split into a few small rolls on the hair, and then help a ponytail. Is it a very character?

19, want a skin with a tan, use a tan lotion.

20, use paper towels instead of towels to wipe the body, the effect is better.

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