On the 29th, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau invited 10 consumers to go to a furniture factory in Yubei District to supervise the sampling of the quality of the furniture produced by the factory. Two consumers were also invited to randomly select two pieces of furniture as random inspection. Object, participate in the quality control of the product.

According to He Qi, deputy director of the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, the inspection items for furniture products mainly include formaldehyde emission, woodworking requirements and mechanical properties. According to Li Li, deputy director of the Municipal Metrology and Quality Inspection Institute, the public must start from six aspects, the purchase of furniture will be guaranteed: a smell: the wooden furniture sold on the market, except for all solid wood furniture, most There are wood-based panel parts. Therefore, when buying furniture, if the family has a strong smell, the public must be careful to buy. Second look at the report: Consumers should take the initiative to ask the dealer for quality inspection report before buying, to see if the formaldehyde emission of the furniture is within the scope of the standard. The national standard "Limits of Hazardous Substances in Wood Furniture for Interior Decoration Materials" stipulates that the amount of formaldehyde released in wooden furniture should not exceed 1.5 mg per liter. If the purchased furniture exceeds the standard, do not buy it. Three questions price: Most of the wood furniture with excessive formaldehyde use cheap man-made boards, so the price of the whole set of wooden furniture is often “ultra-low”, and citizens should not be too cheap when buying furniture. Four-signed contract: When purchasing furniture, consumers should sign a "furniture sales contract" with the dealer, and write the environmental protection clause into the contract to protect their rights and interests. Five invoicing: Formal invoices can be used as valid evidence when quality issues are complained. Sixth to ensure that after-sales service is perfect.

Offset Printing blanket is different from general rubber products, rubber cloth it is laden with the ink on the plate is passed on to the paper, in order to make the Printing Ink evenly, points clear, rich layers, offset printing rubber cloth must have moderate hardness, compressive deformation is small, good ink performance and low elongation, etc, in chemical properties on it should have already adsorption ink and adsorption effect of the education version fluid and to have not react with oil, and potions and by oil, liquid erosion performance.And because it is lithography, so the blanket flatness requirements are very high.

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