As a home industry in the traditional industry, in today's increasingly fierce competition, the pursuit of change, innovation, and development has become the survival of the relevant enterprises in the home industry chain. If you change, you will not be self-sufficient, and you will be able to meet new demands and seek development to go further. With the fierce competition among home brands, how to integrate resources, reduce costs, and expand benefits has become an urgent problem for enterprise development. How to let enterprises break through and find new ways. From August 24th to 26th, 2012, at the 9th Beijing Home Expo held in Beijing at the National Agricultural Exhibition Center, “Home Service Upgrade, Famous Outlets” The new concept provides a new idea for home enterprises to integrate resources.

Integrate resources, upgrade home services

With the homogenization of homes, quality is no longer the only standard for consumers to choose home products. Today, fashion and personality trends are popular, consumers are surrounded by a variety of brands, a wide range of home products around the eyes, how to choose the right home products to become a problem that makes consumers difficult to choose. The same product is more than the quality, the same quality than the style, the same style than the service, service has gradually become a decisive factor affecting consumption. At present, most household products only provide consumers with product distribution and basic after-sales service. With the increasing personalization of consumption, these simple services can no longer meet the needs of consumers, the 9th Beijing Home in the fall of 2012 The concept of “home service upgrade” will be proposed.

Home service upgrades, that is, home products companies provide consumers with a personalized overall matching solution. From the sale of a single product to the provision of a reasonable and personalized overall matching solution for consumers, not only to sell more products, but to fundamentally change the focus of the enterprise, and to actually proceed from the interests of consumers. Provide consumers with more comprehensive, more thoughtful and more suitable services. In the fall of 2012, the Organizing Committee of the 9th Beijing Home Expo asked exhibitors to come up with the overall matching plans for related products, such as: furniture matching overall plan, kitchen overall design plan, sanitary ware bathroom personalized plan, indoor soft assembly set plan. To provide consumers with personalized services from a professional perspective, to achieve "all for the consumer, for the consumer's everything."

If the home service upgrade is from the perspective of consumers in the 9th Beijing Home Expo in the fall of 2012, then the famous Outlet is a new concept for exhibitors to integrate resources and optimize configuration.

Famous Outlets: Achieve Win-win for Exhibitors and End-Consumers

The famous Outlet is a resource integration plan for the home furnishing products of the 9th Beijing Home Expo in the fall of 2012. It is also a new concept that brings real benefits to consumers. "Outlet" is the Chinese literal translation of English OUTLETS. Its original meaning in English is "export, outlet, export". In retail business, it refers to the store that sells brand-name, off-the-shelf, broken goods, and broken goods. The shopping center is therefore also known as the “brand outlet mall”. With the step-by-step development of outlet stores in China, the Outlet concept has gradually become well known. As an outlet industry with high requirements on the maturity of the consumer market, it has experienced a stage in China. After the start-up period, it has entered a rapid development track and will enter the peak period of development in the next five years. More and more enterprises have begun to introduce the Outlet business model. The cost of traditional shopping malls is very high. Manufacturers must not only undertake the production of shopping malls, but also undertake renovation expenses, business staff, utilities, shopping malls, and management personnel. Salary and other expenses, and in the 2012 Outlet Exhibition of the 9th Beijing Home Expo, all products are directly supplied by the manufacturer or the first-level dealers, eliminating all intermediate channels, and the major home brands Let the way of profit, bring tangible benefits to consumers.

It is reported that the famous Outlet Exhibition of the 9th Beijing Home Expo in 2012 will focus on high-quality brands to sell famous brands, and cooperate with high-end services, combined with on-site new product release, highlighting brand charm and high-end experience, and realizing exhibitors and end consumers. Mutual benefit and mutual benefit.

Service upgrade is the concept. Famous outlets are a way to realize the concept. In the new era of competitive environment, constantly introducing new ideas and new ways into business management can make the company renew its vitality and bring it to the enterprise. To be more effective.

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