[Chinese wardrobe network] First, IKEA Domba wardrobe


Product specifications: 1400*510*1810mm

Product material: particle board as substrate, ABS engineering plastic, film, back board for fiberboard

Product Description: IKEA Domba wardrobe has a warm white appearance and a simple and compact shape. This is an IKEA new wardrobe, the overall look is IKEA style. The white three-door wardrobe uses a flat swing door with no trim on the door panel and three aluminum handles.

The IKEA Domba wardrobe uses less than 15mm thick sheet, and the overall feel is very light, but the weight of each partition is about 30 kg. This wardrobe attracts the attention of many young people with its compact shape, simple design and affordable price. Open the closet and look at the internal structure. The internal structure is simple. The two doors contain a clothes rail and a partition.

The single door section of the IKEA Domba wardrobe contains four partitions and is a simple stacking area. Combined with the above content, this wardrobe has a simple storage function. You can add some treasures and storage boxes to enhance the storage function of the wardrobe.

Xiao Bian Comments: IKEA Domba wardrobe color and shape are very simple, unadorned appearance saves production costs and reduces consumer pressure. The wardrobe has limited specifications and limited storage capabilities. From the wardrobe style, price, storage function, IKEA Domba wardrobe is positioned in the young group, especially single people.

Second, Ikea Anebo wardrobe

Small wardrobe

Product specifications: 810*500*1800mm

Product material: door panel is polypropylene plastic; door frame is particle board, film; back panel legs are fiberboard; handle is solid birch, acrylic paint

Product Description: IKEA Anebo wardrobe is a mini wardrobe, the pure appearance of exquisite shape makes people feel loved, the door panel is set with frosted glass, the looming feeling adds a mystery to the wardrobe. The independent leg structure gives the cabinet a unique charm.

The door hinges used in the IKEA Anebo wardrobe have an automatic closing function, also known as the cushioning function. The door panel is cushioned to reduce noise and prevent damage to the cabinet.

The IKEA Anebo wardrobe has a small size and limited storage space, with a clothes rail and a partition. The thickness of the cabinet is 11mm, the overall weight of the wardrobe is about 49kg, and the wardrobe looks very thin.

Third, IKEA PAX wardrobe

Wardrobe recommendation

Product specifications: 1000*600*2010mm

Product material: particle board, film, polypropylene plastic, ABS engineering plastics,

Product Description: IKEA PAX wardrobe is the same clean and elegant compared to the first wardrobe IKEA Domba wardrobe, the same simple and modern. The difference between them is that the former is a two-door wardrobe, the former is higher than the latter.

The IKEA PAX wardrobe is made of 16mm thick man-made panels and is the thickest of the first three wardrobes. The specific information of the wardrobe is attached to the inside of the wardrobe, and we can also see that the surface of the wardrobe sheet is flat and the edge of the panel is hidden as far as possible. The position of the partition of the wardrobe can be adjusted.

The IKEA PAX wardrobe is made of thick plates and looks more stable overall. The wardrobe is deeper than other wardrobes, and its storage function is significantly better than other wardrobes.

Xiao Bian Comments: IKEA Anebo wardrobe is very delicate, small size storage space is small, very suitable for small bedroom. The storage function of this wardrobe is comparable to that of a folding wardrobe sold in a supermarket. Of course, the appearance and quality of the former is far better than the latter. This wardrobe is not suitable for women. If a woman wants to use this wardrobe, it can only be regarded as a clothing transfer station, which can be used to store the clothes for the season.

Fourth, IKEA Anthony Wardrobe


Product specifications: 2370*540*1720mm

Product material: steel, polyester powder coating

Product Description: IKEA Anthony wardrobe is made of metal, and the all-white appearance covers the coldness of the metal. The closet is basically a hollow structure, and the front four curtains are light and flexible. The look of this wardrobe is similar to the folding wardrobe.

The IKEA Anthony wardrobe contains 20 storage frames and the storage function is very powerful. Moreover, the area is clearly divided, and each box can be used to store similar items for easy searching. The biggest disadvantage of the hollow structure is that it is poor in dustproofness, and the problem can be solved by adding a curtain or the like during use.

The root steel used in the IKEA Anthony wardrobe is fixed by a metal zinc connection. The overall stability is strong, and the middle part of the wardrobe is the hanging area. This part of the space is not easy to be fully utilized. Xiaobian suggested that bags can be placed on the metal partition below the wardrobe.

Xiao Bian Comments: IKEA Anthony wardrobe is a metal structure, white appearance weakens the metal cold feeling. Its structure is very close to the folding wardrobe, but its storage function is more powerful. This wardrobe has poor dustproofness and should be protected against dusting during use.

Summary: IKEA's four wardrobes are warm and intimate, quality is good, the price is cheap, the storage function is slightly smaller, suitable for single people. The strengths of each wardrobe are different, some have good appearance, some are strong, some are ultra-low, some are fashionable new, home online users can choose their own wardrobe according to their actual situation.

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