[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The basis of the Mediterranean style is bright, bold, colorful, simple, and distinctive. Recreating the Mediterranean style does not require much skill, but keeps simple ideas, captures light, draws nature, and boldly and freely uses color. In the selection of colors, the natural pastel color of the Mediterranean style is used to pay attention to the spatial matching in the combined design, making full use of every inch of space, and it is not obvious, without losing the atmosphere, revealing the ancient civilization.

Let's take a look at the typical Mediterranean decoration style!

Mediterranean style

Quiet white with deep blue, white is the sky, blue is the sea, the sea and the heavens blend away from the world's hustle and bustle. This place is the whole world. The design of the floor-to-ceiling windows allows the owner's visual effects to be infinitely wide, so that you can stand outside the world and watch everything happening in the distance.

Decoration style

The unique use of color is a unique product of the Mediterranean style. The bed with elegant and graceful color silently tells the owner's retro feelings. White walls, blue beds, white sheets, blue pillows, like walking in the clouds, stretching in the sea. . . .

Mediterranean style

The warm light is printed on the orange-yellow floor, reflected on the blue locker, and the dinner is prepared at the white console, admiring the movements of the pots and pans. The kitchen can be a landscape and cooking can be a treat.

Decoration style

The legendary washroom is a quiet and mysterious place. The dark grey mosaic tiles underneath the blue background wall have a hint of safeness in mystery, and the white washbasin is more clean and tidy against the blue background wall.

The Mediterranean-style colors are intertwined with endless beauty. This period of color and beauty fairy tale brings us a rare peace and freshness in the complicated life.

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