[ Chinese wardrobe network ] South Korea is a country that prefers white---flag, national flower, and traditional dance costumes. Koreans who love white are considered white to be pure colors.


In recent years, Korean culture, supplies, TV dramas, etc. are very popular in China, and home decoration is also keen on Korean style decoration, which is sought after by more and more young people. Korean style home decoration style often gives people the impression of beauty, warmth, simplicity and elegance. At the same time, it exudes a clean and warm home atmosphere. Young people in home furnishings love pure white furniture and are a symbol of romance.

Green Pear Furniture introduces elegant white-tone Korean-style furniture, which combines some refined European decorative elements in white modern furniture with attention to detail. These small details are adorned on the edge of the furniture, resembling plain wildflowers and slender grasses, which are extremely feminine and graceful. Very popular with young people (special ladies).

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