Maybe you know a lot about make-up or make-up products, but do you know the source of these creative make-ups? Where do their ideas come from? Do you know when the nails started? Do you know what perfume is created for? I have collected a lot of information before, and now I will reveal it for everyone.

Smoked makeup is inspired by a fly

Creative makeup

Creative makeup

In ancient Egypt from 4500 to 642 AD, smoky makeup was inspired by a fly.

If you have seen the blue and black smoked makeup on the woman's face in Cleopatra, you must be impressed by the fashionable taste of the ancients. The original IN eye makeup of 2012 autumn and winter has been customized 6,000 years ago. But you absolutely can't think of the big smoked makeup that occupies an important position in the history of beauty, which was born under the impetus of a flying insect.

In ancient Egypt, there was a kind of fly that was so fierce that it could fly into people's eyes to lay eggs and cause eye diseases. People began to study various preventive methods. Later, it was found that the blue-green malachite powder has a bactericidal effect, and it is difficult to get close to the fly on the eyelids. Started to be widely adopted. However, the woman found that her eyes had a blue-green contrast, and she had the effect of looking back and smiling. So she began to develop green and black. The first eye shadow in history was born.

Once the creativity is ignited, it is enough to poke the original. The woman begins to draw the shape that suits her. She has a romantic style, and has a sharp-smelling smoky eyes. In the end, the thick black eyeliner we see most often becomes the beauty icon at that time. Classic style.

Nail industry born for psychic

It is no wonder that nails are now considered to be the smallest and most powerful sexy zone, carrying the mission of desires from ancient times.

Archaeologists found a cosmetic case from Cleopatra's tomb, which reads: "Smudge virgin nail polish can lead to the Western Paradise." Red nails symbolize mystery, sexiness and spirituality. At that time, the most common manicure method was to use the antelope's fur to polish the nails. The so-called "virgin nail polish", you think right, is the blood of a virgin.

The earliest isolated touch-up makeup

The earliest isolation and makeup look of the Southern and Northern Dynasties in 420 AD

You may have heard of white makeup and red makeup, which are the classic makeup of the ancient beauty icon everyday, but the purple makeup is less understood.

Jin Cuibao's "Ancient and Modern Notes" records that "Qiaoxiao began to use Jinyi silks as a purple powder noodles." The woman covered the cheeks with purple powder blended with rice flour and powdered with sunflower juice. This is not the idea of ​​the ancient Lady Gaga, but the woman knows at the time that the purple-toned and yellow-skinned skin looks better.

I have to sigh the woman's pursuit of beauty and perseverance. The concept of isolation has been widely quoted thousands of years ago.

A flood caused a woman to learn to use mud beauty

I believe that people who love to care, whether a men and women dressing table has a bottle of mud mask, it is in charge of the important aspects of deep cleaning and maintenance. It is also full of drama to know the discovery that the mud can be beautiful in the past.

Floods often occur in ancient Egypt, and the sedimentary mud is troublesome, but women’s creativity is always fierce when there is no way to go. They used mud to paint on the skin to feel cool, but unexpectedly found that the skin became smooth and shiny, so the mud rich in minerals became a must-have for women.

Not only that, mud maintenance has also triggered a series of maintenance trends, deep excavation of the "American business" of ancient Egyptian women, they even made a "locking water mask", castor oil and lotus oil can prevent water evaporation, visible women such animals Born to have a stinky instinct.

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