They are all generations of beautiful women, they all create their own beautiful legends and myths. Although they are all old, their beautiful myths remain the same!

Zhong Chuhong

Unbeatable glamorous female star

Zhong Chuhong - the goddess of "peacock" in the eyes of Jackie Chan

Honggu and her former husband have had the idea of ​​not giving birth. Zhong Chuhong said that although he likes children very much, he loves freedom and does not want to give himself a baggage, so he chose the world of freedom. However, she has adopted a total of 100 children to become an international mother. She has also been a mother. But now her husband has died and is 49 years old. As a result, the beautiful peacock myth will be a bubble.

Pan Yingzi

Unbeatable glamorous female star

Pan Yingzi - Creating Taiwan Beauty Beauty

Pan Yingzi is known as a star who is not old. Although she is 64 years old, the facts and efforts about her youthfulness have always been talked about. However, it is such a beautiful woman. She experienced an unfortunate marriage in her life. Although she later confirmed that the divorce was a rumor that she was depreciated by her husband, she still chose to be single and stubborn. Therefore, from the perspective of marriage and age, it is almost impossible for Pan Yingzi to give birth.

Rice snow

Unbeatable glamorous female star

Mi Xue - Hong Kong is not old enchantress

Another female star associated with Jackie Chan, when the beauty of Mi Xue was fascinated by Jackie Chan, so Jackie Chan used eight years of events and sincerely moved Mi Xue, but the final breakup of the two made Jackie Chan the most hurting the snow. . Later, Mi Xue vowed not to marry for a lifetime, but also experienced several twists and turns of love. Although she finally had a 24-year relationship with her boyfriend Yin Zhiqiang, Mi Xue is now 54 years old. It is almost impossible for her to have children. So, how does the beautiful gene of Mi Xue continue?

Lin Qingxia

Unbeatable glamorous female star

Lin Qingxia - the first beauty in Southeast Asia

Recently, it was reported that Lin Qingxia’s official return to the contract with 4 million rewards was raging. In fact, the senior beauty star who had left the entertainment circle for 16 years has never left the attention of the public. Lin Qingxia, who has the title of "First Beauty in Southeast Asia", experienced a few sad loves. She finally married the rich man Li Yuan, and she gave up her daughter resolutely despite the dangers of her mother. However, her daughter could not avoid inheriting her husband's genes, and Lin Qingxia's stunning beauty was not fully inherited.

Zhao Yazhi

Unbeatable glamorous female star

Zhao Yazhi - the beauty of the years

Zhao Yazhi is a senior female star who became popular in the 1970s. Her beauty and unmaintain maintenance skills are enviable and admirable, but her beautiful genes are difficult to continue. Zhao Yazhi’s marital and emotional experience is also a rough twist. She and her first husband have two sons. Although she and her second husband are also very handsome, it is a beautiful regret.

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