Fan Ye, the goddess of the hearts of many girls, many makeup experts like to imitate her style, following with the view of experts at imitating Fan Bingbing makeup styling in gold in large classes, oh.

"Golden Class" by Fan Bingbing starred in the wind and rain, the fascinating dancer Jin Zhaoli, although in the plot is quite controversial, deviating from the essence of the original characters, but in the costume modeling is indeed remarkable, from the beautiful makeup to Jinyihua Service, Fan Bingbing starred as a producer's play is really free to play, not at all embarrassing, the style of the show is sometimes glamorous and sometimes noble and gorgeous, sometimes pretty and lovely, fur grace and black with soft powder devil color, sexy Deep V match, fox flat long cat eye makeup and bright red lips, as a fascinating dancer but not sweet and noble, it is no wonder that the flower ambassador emerges endlessly.

Fan Bingbing Retro Ball Makeup

Fan Bingbing's retro ball makeup looks cool and noble. The thick black eyeliner stretches toward the end of the eye, with soft pink lips. The makeup is matched with the perfect color of blue and pink! The whole makeup is very beautiful, showing the feminine charm of the oriental women.

Makeup focus: the base makeup must be played more white, the bright white makeup makes the makeup look very clean. Prominent is the eye shape, and the elongated and charming eye shape makes the eyes look deep and fascinating. The color of the eye shadow is slightly thicker, gradually smudged open, and the area is controlled within the eyes, to highlight the contours of both eyes. It is more natural that the eyelashes are not too thick. The elements of the eyebrows that are added to fashion are thicker and curved, and the colors should not be too shallow. The lipstick is chosen to have a matte texture and a moderate moisturizing feel.

The skin is fair, the skin texture and eye shape are good, and the elegant and noble girl is generally more suitable for this makeup. For girls with poor skin and black and yellow skin, girls with single or double eyelids are generally not very good at makeup. It varies from person to person!

MS Rui is just a fair-skinned girl with a big eyebrow and a big eyebrow. It is very suitable for trying Fan Bingbing's prom makeup! Let us now learn how to build with MS Rui.

Let's take a look at the comparison.

Reprinted Golden Taipan Fan Bingbing stunned eyeball

In the hair part, the hair piece and the curling iron are used to make this retro shape. The hair accessories were bought long ago and have never been used. This makeup has caught up.

The first is to use the Estee Lauder liquid foundation to make a large area, and then take the Armani bright liquid foundation to brighten the highlights. Because Fan Ye's eyes are large, so stick a double eyelid sticker to easily imitate her eye makeup.

Look at the double eyelids and stick your eyes for a moment. Fan Ye’s nose is relatively small, so he uses a dark foundation to decorate Rui’s own round nose. After painting the nose, the contour of the nose looks a lot smaller. Then use the brown eyebrow powder to draw an eyebrow (try to draw a Fan’s flat eyebrow). Finally set the makeup.

Fan Bingbing's process of creating blue eye makeup

Reprinted Golden Taipan Fan Bingbing stunned eyeball

Dip a light blue eye shadow on a large area to smudge the double eyelid folds, and use a large brush to evenly smudge, and also outline the lower eyeliner. Then apply a dark blue eye shadow to strengthen the upper and lower eye.

Look at the eye shadow effect, stick the natural upper and lower false eyelashes, and outline the inner eyeliner.

Put on pink pearlescent blush, the lips are selected NYX627 color purple lipstick, then use the concealer to blur the lip contour before the lipstick, then narrow the lip contour to fill the lipstick. This makeup is complete.

Reprinted Golden Taipan Fan Bingbing stunned eyeball

Stylist Comments:

The problem with makeup is that the eye shape is not standard enough, the eye shadow is not saturated and the saturation is not enough. The heavy color of the eye shadow is slightly emphasized at the back of the eye. Remind everyone that false eyelashes and their true eyelashes should be pasted together. Don't let it be seen that it is two layers, it will be natural! The position where the blush is applied can be looked a little further. The lip color is slightly darker and the pink lipstick will work better.

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